C Reese

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Personal Information
Married to his high school sweetheart Sara and with four kids at home and serving 8 years in the military, Chris understands the value of protection. With his extensive experience in the insurance and financial services industries, he likes to ask questions, listen and help guide people in their protection needs. Chris knows first-hand that proper protection can help save dreams and put lives back together. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, golfing, playing softball, and working in his church’s Men’s ministry.
Professional Background
American Family Agent 2005-Present Agency Sales Associate 2 years Intergrated Store Front Manager 1 year Agency Sales Manager 2 years Protect and Inspire individual's and small business owner's dreams through out Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. -Recruit and Develop Branch Managers, Sales Reps, and Customer Service Reps -Own and run one of the most efficient, and most customer driven insurance agencies in Dane County -Provide free consultations and advice to small business owners with my ASBC accreditation.
Hobbies & Interests
I will always make sure that my purpose is the guiding light in all I do. That purpose is to improve the lives of others. As a company our purpose is make sure people’s dreams continue when things go bad. That statement makes us a big deal and I truly believe that. As a leader I will make sure that statement is clearly represented in my communications and actions. My authenticity will come directly from believing in what I do and what I say. My fulfillment will stem from inspiring others to develop their purpose and act upon those beliefs. As a part of American Family I will make sure to be conscious of my changing role. There will be times when I need to lead from the front. There will be times when I need to follow from the rear. There will be times when I need to get out of the way. When in the role of leader, I will be prepared to take risks, appreciate and draw out ideas, and be accountable for failures of myself and my team. I will never let fear paralyze myself or my team from action. Rather I will empower my team to push forward and I will back them up. My team and I will follow three simple rules: 1. Do the right things all of the time. 2. Never be indifferent 3. Show people you truly care The above statements will become part of the culture I create. I truly feel that if I do a good job of helping others believe in why we do what we do, then my teams will develop from the bottom up. When that happens, I become a leader of leaders rather than a leader of followers. In my mind that is the definition of a good leader.
All American 2007-2016, All-Star Leader, 2007, AFLIC, 2006 - 2016; Life Diamond, 2006, Distinguished Life Diamond 2015