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Kathy Ireland Brand Ambassador

Meet Kathy Ireland

Meet Kathy Ireland

Dreams are not something you simply wish for — they’re something you have to put time, dedication and passion into to achieve. They come with obstacles you must overcome and distractions that may attempt to steer you off track. It can be challenging to pursue a true dream pursuit — but luckily, we’ve partnered with an inspiring dream champion to show us how it’s done.

Meet American Family Insurance Brand Ambassador Kathy Ireland, a woman that learned from an early age to persevere and never let someone else’s words or thoughts get in the way of your dream pursuit.

About Kathy Ireland

When Kathy Ireland was eight years old, she decided she wanted to be a papergirl in Santa Barbara, California. On her first day on the job, she was scolded by a customer to quit because it was a “boy’s job.” Well, that certainly didn’t stop Kathy as she persevered to be the only papergirl in her city — and that wouldn’t be the first time in her life she proved the naysayers wrong.

"Just because something has not been done doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished."

- Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland was one of the top supermodels in the eighties, making her a household name globally. While she enjoyed her successful career as a model, she was ready for a new challenge to take her to new heights. When a small business approached Kathy to model their socks for them, she seized the opportunity to go into business with them and create Kathy Ireland-branded socks. Kathy was again met with apprehension, with many questioning if anyone could truly launch a business with just socks. But of course, Kathy proved them wrong again.

Kathy Ireland sitting at her desk as an inspired entrepreneur and CEO of kathy ireland® Worldwide

Fast-forward and kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) is a multibillion-dollar brand that offers everything from home décor and beauty to luxurious resorts and wedding destinations. As chair, CEO and chief designer, Kathy Ireland is considered one of the most influential women in business and design.

How did she go from a supermodel to an entrepreneur that embodies the term super mogul? Kathy attributes her success to collaboration and teamwork, perseverance and dreaming big. She doesn’t allow what others say to bring her down and never settles for anything less than what her dreams deserve.

“Whatever you’re going through, hold onto that dream. Be alert, learn from others and figure out hows, because hows can be just as important — if not more important — than the what.”

- Kathy Ireland

Today, Kathy continues to grow her brand empire and business while being a mother, wife, author, activist and dream champion. She encourages future generations of women leaders to never give up on their dreams or let anyone try to limit what you can do.

Kathy partnered with us for a memorable One Saturday to #DreamFearlessly event and continues to help us inspire and champion dreamers everywhere.

American Family Insurance Brand Ambassador Kathy Ireland sitting cross-legged smiling confidently and proudly

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