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Supplier diversity


Our purpose and mission is to engage community, customers and employees to foster an inclusive mindset that extends to our diverse supplier community. We want to inspire diverse suppliers to pursue their dreams with confidence while forming strategic partnerships within the American Family Enterprise.

Our goal for 2021 is to increase our Supplier Diversity spend by 10%. Please register below as a diverse supplier to start the process of working with us and help us meet our goal.

"At American Family Insurance, we want the best talent, best benefits and best company culture. We also want strong communities that equitably serve everyone. All these things are rooted in our strategy. They show we are absolutely committed to tackling the kinds of problems facing our communities.

Our inclusive approach requires strong partnerships with other businesses, too. We believe it is important to inspire our diverse supplier community to pursue their dreams because it’s good for our customers and good for our business.

We’re ready to partner with more diverse suppliers that share these same ideals and want to join us in this work. "

—Jack Salzwedel, Chair and Chief Executive Officer.


American Family is committed to partnering with the following organizations:

(*) designates board and or committee member

American Family Insurance will provide the following opportunities within our program:

  • Executive Mentorship Program
  • Scholarships and Business development opportunities
  • Supplier Networking Events
  • Training & Workshops
  • Invest in community with Capital Investment Funding


  • NCMSDC Financial Consortium – March
  • WBENC National Conference – March
  • WBDC Spring Summit – May
  • WBENC National Conference – June
  • WBDC Annual Conference – September
  • NCMSDC Business Opportunity Exchange – October
  • NMSDC National Conference – October
  • NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference - November
  • NGLCC Unity - November

Check back for additional events throughout the year.

Coming Soon: Register As a Diverse Supplier With Amfam

Questions, contact our Supplier Diversity Manager, Anisha Jackson at