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Winter DIY Projects for Your Home

While winter can bring a sense of cozy calm, it can also stir up a bit of cabin fever. Try these winter DIY projects and mini makeovers to give your home a fun refresh. Who knows, maybe you can get the family involved and inspire some quality-time traditions. You’ll also feel much better riding out the winter in a home with updates you love!

Give Your Walls a DIY Update

You look at the walls in your home day in and day out, so they can quickly feel boring. The good news is, there are a lot of different ways you can give your walls a refresh. Whether you want a simple DIY project or a more involved update this winter, we have some ideas to get you started.

Paint the walls

Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to totally transform the look of a room. Not only can you select from a wide array of designer paint colors, but most paint stores can now make custom colors if you have a sample of the hue you want. There are also wonderful additives that let you add glitter to the walls or a scent.

When selecting the type of paint you’re going to use, look for low- and no-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints. VOC paint can release low level toxic emissions into the air. The low- and no-VOC versions give you a healthier environment, both while you paint and long after you’re finished.

Get creative with a mural.

An accent wall is a fun winter project that shows off your artistic side and creates a sense of excitement. Don’t worry about being Michelangelo, it’s more about the fun you have making the mural than it is about the artistic element. If you’re really intimidated by the task, select a picture you’d like to replicate and check if your local library has an overhead projector you can check out. This way you can project the image onto the wall and then color in the lines.

Try your hand at wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style, but this time it’s more exciting. Today’s wallpaper comes with fun options that add real drama and excitement to your walls. Explore the possibilities with reflective paper, flocked texture, ingrained LED lights and more. You even get your choice of application method — old-fashioned paste or the modern peel and stick option.

Create a gallery wall

Show off your family and your photos with a gallery wall. This DIY wall project can be completed in a day, instantly updating the wall and the room. Gallery walls are a really big home décor trend, and it’s easy to see why. Take pictures of the things that make you smile, enlarge the copies, frame them and you’ve created a masterpiece.

Kitchen and Bathroom DIY Winter Projects

You’ve probably heard that kitchen and bathroom upgrades are some of the smartest investments you can make in your home. These are areas that potential buyers really focus on. Staying up-to-date can help you make a sale or lets you enjoy your home in modern style.

Retile the bathroom

This DIY project will take some time, some skill and probably a little practice but you’ll love the results. If you’ve got outdated tiles, your entire bathroom looks old. Change the tiles and the space feels new and vibrant.

Add a kitchen backsplash

For serious DIYers, this is a great way to really breathe new life into your kitchen space. For those of you who are unsure about taking on a grouting project, peel-and-stick tiles are your solution. A peel-and-stick backsplash can have all of the drama and impact of tile and grout.

Paint the cupboards

Replacing your cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom can be expensive and it involves some heavy lifting. If you want the look of fresh new cabinetry but aren’t ready for a total overhaul, try repainting them. A quality primer is the key to prepping the surface and protecting the finish.

Replace linoleum or old floors

Timeworn flooring dates the space, making it all feel tired and old. There are a lot of do-it-yourself flooring options out there, ranging from super-easy peel and stick tiles to more complicated and involved tasks that require some skill. Check out your new flooring options at your local hardware store to see what they recommend.

Change the hardware

One quick way to update the look of your kitchen or bath is to swap out your old hardware this winter. In just a few hours, or sometimes even a few minutes, you can replace drawer pulls and handles with new accents. If you want to go even further, replace your hinges too for a pulled-together look.

Update bathroom fixtures

Replacing your showerhead doesn’t typically have the visual impact of even replacing a shower curtain, but you sure can feel it. Give your shower experience a spa touch with your choice of a rainfall showerhead, built-in LED light showers, adjustable massage showerheads or whatever suits your fancy. Of course, if you replace your showerhead, you’re going to want to replace your faucet with an eye-catching beauty.

New lighting fixtures

Replacing a light fixture doesn’t always require an electrician. This DIY project has impact as well as a touch of pride built-in. It’s a great idea to tackle this project in pairs, especially if someone has to be on a ladder. Having a partner puts safety first and they can hand you the tools you need. Speaking of safety first — always turn the electricity off to that area of the house before you begin.

Declutter the space

Sometimes, your stuff can make an area look tired or too busy. Give your kitchen and bathroom a refresh this winter by finding better storage solutions. One-day DIY projects that help you declutter include, pull-out drawers on slides, tension bars for hanging storage containers, decorated mix and match containers for little objects and wicker baskets for hiding bulky necessities.

Winter Bedroom DIY Updates

Turn your personal retreat into an oasis from the world by paying attention to your bedroom and giving it a personal flair.

Try a new headboard

From painting a headboard on the wall to creating an upholstered masterpiece, your headboard can go from blah to brilliant. Let your creativity be the guide as you refresh your nighttime oasis.

Making a customized blanket

Whether you’d like to try your hand at knitting, quilting or a no-sew fleece blanket, you get to add warmth to your space in a unique way. Start small and work your way up to a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that defines your bedroom.

Make a floor cloth

Look to the floor for this refresh. Making a floor cloth is not as difficult as you might imagine. Simply select a canvas, prime it with gesso, paint your design and seal it with varnish. You need to wait for each coat to completely dry before moving on to the next coat to get the best results. The hardest part might be finding a space to work. You want to protect the floor underneath your canvas from leaks and bleed-through and it may need to sit for a few days.

Frame your windows with new curtains

Customize your view by making curtains. Some basic sewing skills are all that are needed for the simplest curtains. If you’ve got advanced skills with a sewing machine, try more complicated patterns to see what you can create.

Make throw pillows

Throw pillows are easy to make once you’ve mastered a basic stitch. A few throw pillows go a long way toward giving your space new life. Picking fabric can be the most exciting part of the process, but you can get even more creative by custom printing pictures on fabric, painting and bedazzling material or using favorite t-shirts to make personalized pillows.

Homemade Gifts and Décor Ideas

Want to move away from the heavy lifting and settle in for an easy craft idea the winter? These DIY projects give your home a little personal style and they’re also great gift ideas.

Decorated storage containers

From old oatmeal boxes to canning jars, there are a variety of items that can look fantastic with a little re-do. Try paint, wallpaper, wrapping paper, yarn and more to create a look that is customized and fun.

Shadowbox shelves

You could buy a shadowbox, but where’s the fun in that. Keep your eyes open for unusual items that would make a great shadowbox or shelf. Drawers, apple crates, and suitcases are all inspired ideas. What clever creations can you come up with?

Upcycle old furniture

Go green by hopping on the upcycle bandwagon. Rather than throwing out old and broken furniture, give it new life by taking it apart and creating something totally unexpected.

With all of these ideas, it’s hard to pick a starting place! It’s exciting to see your home evolve and to watch your imagination grow as your home transforms. With a little elbow grease and a ton of creativity you can battle cabin fever and fall back in love with the space that surrounds you.

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