Looking for a Roommate? Start Here.

A roommate is so much more than someone to split the bills with. If you’re lucky, they’ll be your Netflix binge-watching buddy, regular dinner companion and hopefully your friend!

But even if you don’t turn out to be the best of pals, living with another person means spending a lot of time together — that’s why it’s so important to choose wisely. So here are some guidelines to help in your quest:

Take to social media. Your social networks are just that — networks. So make a post to tell your friends and family what city you’re moving to, when, and how many roommates you’re looking for. Odds are your friends know someone who’s in the same situation and would make a great new roomie.

It’s a match! Just like there are sites and apps for dating, there are ways to find your new roommate online. Check out sites like roommates.com, roomsurf.com, or roomiematch.com. They’ll match you to potential roommates based on your location, age, habits, preferences, etc.

Turn to your alma mater. Alumni networks are a great way to meet new people and, potentially, new roommates! Your university likely has an alumni Facebook page or LinkedIn group for you to tap into. So take advantage of that resource and see where it leads you.

Initiate interviews. So you’ve narrowed your search down to a person or two. Great! But before you commit to living with someone, take the time to meet for coffee and talk about the basics to make sure you’re compatible enough to share a home. Some questions to consider: Do you have a steady income? Do you like to share food or keep things separate? How clean are you? Do you have any pets? Are you an early bird or a night owl? What kind of apartment are you looking for? Etc.

Protect yourself. Finally, ensure your things will always be protected (no matter how your new roomie situation turns out) by talking to your American Family agent about renters insurance — they’ll help you get a customized policy that covers all the things that matter most to you.

Moving in with a new person can be nerve-wracking, but with these tips you’re sure to find the perfect fit in no time. Happy searching!

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