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7 Ways to Make Your Home Kid Friendly

If you’re expecting guests with kids and your home isn’t equipped for the chaotic fun that is about to ensue when the doorbell rings, fear not! Follow these seven simple ways to make your home kid-friendly, so you can enjoy your guests and their children in a stress-free, accident-proof environment.

Safety first. Before the kiddos arrive, put away anything dangerous or breakable the kids might get their hands on. You may feel silly for doing this, but getting down on your hands and knees to check things out at “kid level” will help you gain a better perspective. Outlets, wires, cleaning sprays and anything breakable are all things you should be aware of when inspecting your home.

Play haven. Having cool, age-appropriate toys on hand can help make your guests’ kiddos visit much more enjoyable. Knowing the ages and interests of the kids before they arrive will help you provide suitable entertainment. For something different and inexpensive, save empty food boxes so kids can set up a grocery store. Even something as simple as pots and pans can keep a kid amused. Or, you can encourage your friends to bring their children’s favorite toys, too.

Baby gates. These come in handy when you want to keep those little ones in specific areas, especially if you don’t want to kid-proof your entire house. If the children are particularly young, be sure to set a baby gate by the staircase so they aren’t tempted to climb up.

Media must-haves. Sure, it’s important to limit screen time, but having a few kid-friendly movies or TV shows on hand can be a life saver. Have a selection of books for different reading levels, too, so kids have the option to escape in a good read.

Sleep satisfaction. Provide a comfy place in case an infant or toddler needs to nap or sleep. If you don’t have a pack-n-play or crib, a dark and a quiet place in your home can serve as a nice space for naptime.

Stock the snacks. A sure-fire way to keep a kid content is having a kitchen stocked with their favorites. Ask the parents ahead of time what their kiddos like to eat, and make sure to ask about food allergies, just to be safe.

Mealtime madness. If you’re concerned about spills during mealtime, simply put an old sheet under the table and throw it in the laundry when finished. Things like placemats and kid-sized plastic cups and plates are convenient to have on hand as well.

These simple adjustments to your home will make all the difference when kids step through the front door.

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