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Helpful Motorcycle Apps for Smooth Trips Ahead

Whenever you set out on a big road trip, it’s smart to have a few tools in your saddlebag so you’re prepared for unexpected minor repairs. Likewise, it’s a good idea to load your smartphone with must-have apps, which can be especially handy when sharing info on group rides. Here are a few suggestions that might be helpful along the way.

Eat Sleep Ride. First and foremost, being able to share your route with others in your group makes this app worth downloading. It also allows you to save your ride and replay it later. You can track your mileage, speed, lean angle and elevation on the map. For an additional monthly fee, you can add a feature is called Crashlight which detects when you’ve been in an accident, automatically alerts three preset contacts of the accident and notifies them of the exact location.

Waze. The best thing about this app is the immediacy of the information. This is a community-based navigation app, so detailed traffic and road conditions are reported in real-time, which any motorcyclist can certainly appreciate. And it’s social, so your ride group can coordinate arrival times and arrange gas stops and routes.

Rever. This app allows you to navigate rides you’ve planned, record your riding experiences and build and stay connected with your riding community. The accompanying website will help you plan your rides, highlighting the best roads to try out when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar town.

Fuelly. The nice thing about this fuel tracking app is that it figures out your gas mileage over time, so you can keep track of fuel costs as you ride. Not only that, it helps you understand how your bike is performing. If you’re into budgeting, you can add these costs to your total motorcycle budget and maintain accurate seasonal comparisons.

Motorcycle Weather. This basic app puts you in control, allowing you to set your preferences for temperature, precipitation and other conditions. Based on your settings, the app lets you know if the weather’s right for cruising.

There are many great motorcycle apps and not all of them are for everyone, so choose what works for you and makes your ride experience the best it can be.

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