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Motorcycle Mindset

The Unwritten Rules of the Road

For motorcyclists, good manners are not only appreciated, they’re crucial to maintaining order on the road. It’s all about creating a better, safer experience for all. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

Lend a hand when needed. Motorcyclists are part of one big club, and helping a fellow rider in need is part of being in the club. That includes stopping to help or lending a hand when you can.

Approach with respect. When approaching another rider from behind, don’t honk or overtake them too quickly. Make sure they see you so you don’t startle them. Once they see you, proceed to pass them safely.

Pass with care. Wait for a passing lane to overtake a slower rider, unless they signal you to pass and there’s enough space in the same lane. Wait for their go-ahead, then use your hand signal to complete the pass.

We’re all in this together. The road is not the place to ride competitively. No matter how big, fast or special you think your bike is, everyone has earned their place on the road.

One bike per space, please. Parking spaces are big enough for two bikes, but never assume you can share one. If you’re riding in a group, and permission is implied or stated, it’s accepted, but otherwise, a parked bike means the spot is taken.

Knowing basic etiquette makes you a better rider, and a respected member of the motorcycle community.

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