3 Tips to Avoid Startup Burnout While Building a Business with Quentin Allums

Starting a business takes determination, motivation and sacrifice. Working towards your dream can seem tireless, and it can be easy to work yourself into fatigue. We asked the CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures how to combat burnout.

What Is Entrepreneurial Burnout?

Building your dreams takes tireless effort and perseverance. However, if you are not mindful of your emotional, mental and physical well-being, it can lead to extreme exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. Without giving yourself the proper tools to combat burnout, you could potentially lose the drive and motivation to continue on your dream pursuit.

Quentin Allums, or just Q, knows all about the risk of burnout when bringing your dreams to life. He is a TEDx speaker, social media influencer and entrepreneur. To say just Q is busy is an understatement, but he also understands the importance of prioritizing his well-being to keep himself going.

Watch this video where just Q shared with us 3 tips to avoid burnout while building a business.

How Can Entrepreneurs Prevent Burnout?

    1. Identify What Fills Up Your Cup

    Do what makes you happy. Be proactive about taking care of yourself to avoid feeling depleted. Take a break, and escape adulthood from time to time.

    2. Keep Your Health Top of Mind

    Your wellness matters; maintain healthy habits, even when it feels like you don’t have time. Eating healthy, staying active and taking moments to be mindful through meditation can keep you refreshed and motivated.

    3. Identify People that Will Keep Your Cup Filled

    Make a list of people in your support system to reach out to when you start to feel burnout.

Your passions matter, and you should dedicate your time and energy towards bringing your dream to fruition. However, your dreams will suffer if you do not take care of yourself first. Remember to maintain a work-life balance to keep yourself afloat.

Considering Starting Your Own Business?

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