Flood Prep and Your Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business, now it’s time to keep it protected. Keep these savvy tips in your back pocket and you’ll be ready for whatever the next flood season throws your way!

When flooding is imminent:

  • Clear your drains, gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect sump pumps and drains – make sure they’re working properly.
  • Move carpets, furniture and electronics off the floor and away from lower levels.
  • Anchor fuel tanks.

If time allows:

  • Hire a licensed electrician to raise electrical switches, sockets, circuit breakers and wiring at least 12 inches above expected flood levels.
  • Hire a licensed plumber to install an interior or exterior backflow valve to prevent sewage backup. 
  • Make sure grading directs water away from your building.

After a flood:

  • When it is safe, disconnect all electronics and move them to a dry location.
  • Remove standing water from inside the building.
  • Remove water-damaged materials immediately.

When preparing for flood season, your agent can help you stay protected. Remember, most home and business insurance policies do not have flood protection built in. Learn more about flood insurance.

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