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Top 9 Reasons to Join American Family

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1. We are Transforming with the World Round Us

The pace of change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again. Technology is changing. Commerce is changing. Customers are changing. And American Family is changing, too, because we can't afford to stand still while our world keeps racing forward. Over the past 10 years, we have transformed dramatically, and we have transformed successfully. And we're not slowing down any time soon!
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2. We Put the Customer at the Center of All We do

At American Family, it's our vision to be the most trusted and valued customer-driven insurance company in the industry. As a mutual company, we don't answer to shareholders. Our customers are our owners, so providing them with exceptional experiences is paramount. Between our agency business owners, our care centers, and our digital sales and service options, we've got our customers covered - no matter how they prefer to do business with us.
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3. Connect with Our Customers and Communities Through Our Iconic Brand

Our mission to inspire, protect and restore dreams can shape people's lives for the better. That's why we strive to make lasting impressions in many different ways - from our familiar logo, memorable jingle and innovative digital experiences to our inspiring advertising and brand ambassadors. But it doesn't stop there. At American Family, agency owners share in the power of our brand, and we all olay a role in promoting it. Every day our actions bring our brand to life and we want to make sure our customers and the people who live in the communities we serve know it.
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4. We Are a Financially Strong Company

To put their trust in us, customers must have confidence in our financial strength. They must know we have the resources to meet our obligations when they have a claim. They must see we are providing value to them. We are a financially strong company, balancing profitable revenue growth and efficient operations, with the ability to invest in our future in innovative, customer-focused ways.
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5. We Will Provide You with Exceptional Income Potential

As an agency owner who is an independent contractor, you'll have the opportunity to drive revenue through multiple streams to create financial stability within your business, including but not limited to:
Agency Bonus. Diversified bonus structure based on new business growth, underwriting profit and customer experience as well as sales production incentives and promotions. New Agency Owner Incentive. A variable incentive program based on the agency's performance over the first five years. Renewal Commissions. Monthly Renewal business revenue on American Family Insurance products and on products sold through our Brokerage and Alliance team. Sales Commissions. Monthly new sales revenue on American Family Insurance products and on products sold through our Brokerage and Alliance team.
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6. We Offer the Option of Support for You and Your Business from Day One

When you're an American Family agency owner, you're in business for yourself but not by yourself. You'll hire your own staff and lead your team to achieve the goals you set for your business. And, with the support of a local leader and a sales state support team behind you, we're available should you request assistance. From training, technology, marketing and business-ownership tools, claims, call-center support and more, we'll be here to coach and support you along the way.
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7. We Keep Our Promises to Our Customers When They Need Us Most

When the unexpected occurs, we're there for our customers every step of the way to help them get their dreams back on track. Partnering with our trusted, professional claims team, you will have an opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by helping them recover from tragedies and accidents. At the end of the day, this is why we do what we do.
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8. We Are Invested in Innovation and the Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape

We live in a digital world. Consumer expectations are being shaped by companies like Apple, Amazon, Uber and other start-ups. Technology and innovation are transforming the insurance industry, too. American Family is in lockstep with this transformation, investing in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and other capabilities to effectively serve customers and compete in the marketplace. Tomorrow is now today - and we're ready for it.
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9. We Believe It's Our Responsibility to Make the World a Better Place

We're focused on doing what's right - for now and for the future. Supporting entrepreneurs. Improving the environment. Investing in communities. Bringing people together to understand how our differences can make us stronger. We are a catalyst for change. We help make dreams come true. And you can, too.