agency staff careers

Agency Staff Careers

Are you passionate about making a positive difference and having a meaningful impact on the lives of people in your community? American Family Insurance Business Owners are always seeking talented, motivated individuals to join their teams.

A Variety of Opportunities

Whether you have a management, sales, or customer service background — bring your dreams and achieve them here in the many exciting growth opportunities within an agency. Depending on your role you may need licenses in property, casualty, life and/or health insurance. More about licensing.
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Customer Service Rep

Are you a solution-oriented people person who enjoys helping others find the solutions they need? From supporting daily operations to building and maintaining relationships, this high-profile role keeps agencies moving forward by providing our customers with the service and support they deserve.
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Sales Representative

Inspire, protect and restore the dreams of people in your community as a Sales Representative. In addition to attracting new customers, we’ll rely on you to provide expert advice and guidance and use your skills as a proactive problem-solver to identify products that meet customer needs. American Family Insurance agencies also have unique opportunities for Sales Representatives interested in focusing on life or commercial insurance.
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Customer Advocate

Championing our customers is one of the most important roles at American Family Insurance. That’s why Customer Advocates are so dedicated to implementing the processes and programs that help build customer loyalty and ensure long-lasting relationships with our policyholders.
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Marketing Specialist

This critical role is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of targeted marketing and lead generation programs to identify new prospects, cross-sell products and grow the agency’s brand in the community.
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Office Manager

As an American Family Insurance Office Manager, you’ll oversee daily operations of the agency. This includes helping to implement the processes and systems that keep things running smoothly.