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  1. Information Technology

    1s and 0s can only take you so far, right? That’s why, as one of the largest divisions at American Family, IT offers more than just software implementation. From installing hardware to building new systems-based customer needs from the microchip up, this tech-savvy team is the building block to world-class tech service.


    You're driven by data. We're driven by customers. At American Family you'll fuse the two together to create smart business strategies that help the company grow. As part of our analytics team, you'll help examine how our customers are shaping our business, and what we can do to make the journey better — for us and for them.

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  2. We've been restoring customer’s dreams for nearly 90 years. Our claims employees have the compassion, the knowledge and the professionalism to make every customer interaction a memorable one. They specialize in casualty, physical damage, property, commercial and farm/ranch support.

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  3. Do you have a passion for creating cost-benefit analyses or developing annual performance plans? Is designing new insurance products or creating the right fiscal strategy your bread and butter? Then a position in Finance or Actuary at American Family Insurance is for you. Bottom line? You’ll be keeping our financial house in order.

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  4. We’re a people company, first and foremost. That’s why our HR team is dedicated to being a strategic partner for our employees and agents. From helping talented candidates find the best roles, to building and maintaining strong careers and secure futures — it's our mission to ensure everyone learns, grows and gets to where they want to go.

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    Ericka, Josh & Julia
  5. Project Manager

    Master wranglers wanted! As a project manager, you’ll help a variety of teams stay in scope, meet important business goals and keep projects moving forward as smoothly as possible. So if you feel comfortable leading the charge and working in a variety of insurance areas, your ideal position is just a click away.

    Product Lines

    Our insurance products like auto, home, commercial, farm/ranch and life insurance require product line specialists to wear many hats. From identifying different risks to designing special coverage options to planning product rollouts, there are positions to support every line of insurance and every kind of customer.

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    Alyce, Henry & Miri
  6. Can you create a simple idea and execute it brilliantly? Is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time your sweet spot? At American Family, you’ll leverage those skills to help our customers understand who we are and help them realize just how important they are to us. (Jingles need not apply).

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    Heather, Adam & Jess
  7. Customer Support

    We continuously strive for customer satisfaction. It’s a great feeling when a customer feels comfortable enough to share their dreams with us. And there’s nothing better than helping them achieve those dreams. That’s why we do what we do. We like to think of our Customer Support as a pleasant customer surprise.


    The perfect sales team member is fueled by an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. They help keep the company moving in the right direction by always finding new customers. At American Family, our sales team knows our product lines like the back of their hands, and will work together with our agents to develop promising business opportunities.

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  8. Be on the leading edge of trends and technology. Our innovation team not only helps traditional business models evolve, they pioneer new ways to steer the enterprise forward. They're trailblazers in collaboration, working closely with thought leaders, startups and academics to find new ways to reinvent and energize the business.

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    Henry, Alyce & Regan
  9. Set your aspiring career goals with American Family Insurance. We’re on the lookout for talented, customer-focused innovators for paid student internships (yes, paid!). With several opportunities in Claims, Business, Marketing, IT, Customer Service, Actuarial, Legal and other areas, we can work together to discover your passion and put you on the path to success.

    We typically start accepting applications in September. Please click here to view openings.