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Are you current Military or a Veteran? Let American Family work with you to achieve your dreams.

We Value the Heroes Who Have Served for us

Work experience is important, but having a structured military background is invaluable. As a veteran, we know you possess leadership, strong values and selflessness. These character traits are critical to the strength and success of several positions at American Family Insurance. And once you become an employee, our Veteran and Military Business Resource Group is there to give you the kind of opportunities that allow you to thrive.

See how we're Honoring Veterans like you

My name is Alejandro arango Escalante and I'm a senior analyst in within the is division I'm a former Marine not an ex-marine because once a marine always a Marine that was an aviation ordnance technician so my job was I was the weapon systems expert on the age 1 Cobra attack helicopter and the uh-1 huey in my job at american family I'm a finance guy and I'm dedicated to that and that's the mentality that you have in the military especially in the Marine Corps is that brotherly love and that to me I carried that into my day-to-day life you know I do what I can to help who I can whenever I can honor courage commitment that is V values that was ingrained in me in boot camp in Parris Island in terms of Honor we want to honor our customers who want to make sure that we do right by them we want to be courageous when you see things that aren't right we want to be committed to our husband we do a lot for our veterans the veterans group that we have is growing where we're going to continue to do more and more events we want to you know bring awareness not just to veterans of past Wars but our current veteran this past memorial day I was able to participate in something where we set up a fallen heroes table which was a table to pay homage to our soldiers men and women and civilians who have lost their lives in service of this country throughout the years when you're in the military you can't wait to get out but when you get out you almost can't wait to get back in so to me coming to our normalization I really values that and knowing that a company would want to take time and pay tribute to that and not just lip service but actually mean it and actually want to do it that to me you know really no hit home you