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These Stories Will Inspire you

Whether you’re interested in a corporate career at American Family Insurance or want to hang your shingle as an agent, you’ll find useful inspiration in the videos below. And be sure to watch Pursuing the Dream to see positive stories that have remade lives.

Corporate Career Inspiration


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Jamie Suchomel, Sales Consultant: Being customer driven means putting the customer first; finding out what their needs are and tailoring products specific to our customer base.

Tracy Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor: Customer-driven means that we're a company that focuses on the needs of our customers, and that we understand who they are. Being customer-driven, you're always looking to meet their needs.

Josh Erickson, Owner, Josh Erickson Agency: We spend a lot of time trying to get to know our customers on not just a business level, but a personal level, and really understanding, you know, what they need and how we can help protect those dreams.

Justin Cruz, Vice President of Strategic Data & Analytics: I think it's also a really strong fit for our culture here at Am Fam. We have a very people-oriented, very collaborative, caring culture. I think it's very natural for us to want to do what's best; both for our employees, as well as for the customer.

Alejandro Arango-Escalante, IS Financial Senior Analyst: Whenever there’s requests coming from me from internal customers, or external sometimes, I want to do what American Family’s doing on a day-to-day basis and provide that level of support.

Tracy Williams: I'm customer driven in my role because, focusing on diversity and inclusion, I need to always know who our customers are, who we desire our customers to be, and to be able to focus on a variety of backgrounds that our customers have and the different communities in which they come from.

Jamie Suchomel: There's personal satisfaction in being able to help others and protect their dreams. And so it's really important to make sure that we're putting the customer as a priority in what we do daily.

Allison Mueller, Agency Sales Rep: I think really putting the focus on them and making them know that we're here for them and how can we make their insurance process easier and making them feel that they're part of American Family together with us.

Justin Cruz: For the insurance industry as a whole — and in particular Am Fam — we’ve made some big steps over the last several years in sort of bringing our game around customer — our customer competency, if you will — to state-of-the-art level. So, our strategy, our actions, our technology.

Alejandro Arango-Escalante: Because American Family is so engaged with its customers, it wants to provide the best level of support it knows and, in order to do that, it needs to have the best possible talent on site and it needs to be treating their talent with respect.

Tracy Williams: Many people are mission driven and they want to be at a company that they know means what they say. And by American Family focusing on our customers, making sure we live our vision, we will attract more talent and meet the needs of our employees.

Jamie Suchomel: If you're looking for a place to work that gives you satisfaction that you've done something good at the end of the day, American Family is the place to be.

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Deep Dive Into Our World

If you’re interested in a corporate career at American Family Insurance we have a wealth of helpful and inspirational videos for you on a wide variety of topics. You can see what a typical day in the life looks like for claims adjusters, and what working in our claims and Sales & Service care centers is like, as well on videos such as data science and our diversity.

And If you’re thinking of interning with American Family Insurance, You’ll want to watch our interviews with Brook, Curtis and Will about their intern experiences in flight operations, investments, and human resources.

Agency Career Inspiration

We’re always looking for the next entrepreneur ready to be the CEO of their dreams. Take the first step by looking at this video. We work with you every step of the process. Join us, you belong here!


Josh Erickson, Owner, Josh Erickson Agency: A day in the life for me as an agent I work with clients on simple issues all the way down to something that's really impact in their life like a marriage or the birth of the first child or they're buying their dream car or dream home.

Allison Mueller, Agency Sales Rep: A day in the life of the sales specialist is different every day! There is no hour the same, there's no two days the same, there's no weeks that are the same, and that's what makes it exciting makes you want to come to work every day.

Josh Erickson: Every day brings new opportunities and new challenges and that's what I really like about the role. I love most about being an agent, I really I love working with the customer and being able to reassure them, being empathetic, understanding their perspectives, and listening. I think, you know, I've truly been able to touch some lives as an agent as a result.

Allison Mueller: I think for me what I like about it is challenges you.

Josh Erickson: We recently had a customer going through something very difficult. She came in and we were able to work through her policies, huh, you know, understand the changes that need to be made, make it as simple as possible for her, and she gave me a big hug on the way out of the door. That made me feel really good and touched somebody's life they're when they're going through something very difficult.

Allison Mueller: I don't remember anyone ever telling me in college, "Oh look into insurance too because there's flexibility. You can be in charge of your own income potential, you can earn incentive vacations," and so, I think that was something that maybe I would have started 20 years ago

Josh Erickson: It's great to build relationships both with people with the company and also out in the community and also be rewarded for as much effort as you put in so if you're considering a career in agency, I mean really it's a great company to work for


Pursuing Your Dream

It takes a lot to pursue a dream. And it’s not uncommon to feel like you don’t have time, resources, skills, or ability to make it happen. American Family Insurance will supply the support and resources you need to motivate and guide you along any dream pursuit!

Tracy Williams, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor: Dreams a means-- purpose, and having, a vision that is, uninhibited.

Alejandro Arango-Escalante, IS Financial Senior Analyst: I think dreams are important because, they're, to me at least, a dream is what keeps me going.

Justin Cruz, Vice President of Strategic Data & Analytics: I think dreams are so important because they are the core source of happiness, within a person's life. They embody, almost an identity, of a person. You are, in many ways, what you dream about. In this way, dreams define us.

Stephanie Linsmeier, S&S Care Center Team Manager: When you actually achieve your dream, it just makes that sense of accomplishment amazing and it just keeps you wanting to achieve more greatness in your life.

Alejandro Arango-Escalante: So America family's mission is to protect and restore the dreams of its consumers.

Justin Cruz: By aligning everything that we do around our customers dreams we are fulfilling their most critical foundational theories. we help them identify, pursue, and restore the things that bring the most immediate to their life.

Josh Erickson, Owner, Josh Erickson Agency: To inspire protect and restore our dreams you have to be customer driven. those dreams need to be understood and that can only be understood by meeting with the customer and developing relationships to make sure that we're not just looking at them as a home into autos making sure we're protecting the things that make them unique. things that they really hold dear.

Jamie Suchomel, Sales Consultant: I think I'm always pursuing dreams. I, I don't think that I, put dreams as a priority before I was at American family.

Alejandro Arango-Escalante: So, one of the ways that American family supports employees and achieving their dreams, to me, the biggest one is the work/life balance. At America family we work hard, but, at the same time, American family understands that it's its employees need time off and you need that balance in order to be able to pursue their dreams outside of work.

Jamie Suchomel: I think American family, for me, has given me a platform to dream again and it's also given me, uh, the tools needed to achieve those dreams. To say that I love waking up every morning and coming to American family, because ,I've got the support of my company to go after my dreams, uh, and the motivation behind me to say go out there and get a dream and accomplish it, uh, is something that's really rewarding and I have never you know experienced it at any other company.