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Protect your spirited sense of adventure with travel insurance from American Family and our strategic partners.
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Travel Insurance Policies & Quotes for Every Adventure

You work hard every day to make a better life for your family, and you work hard to put money aside for your time away traveling. But if something happens and you find yourself unable to travel, you may wind up losing a lot of your travel money if you’re caught without a travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance helps to protect your costly vacation purchases.* Buying airfare is easy enough, but getting a refund — particularly when your trip details or plans change — can be a real challenge.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?*

People buy travel insurance because it helps them feel worry-free if they experience a travel delay or other issue. There are a lot of great reasons to buy family holiday insurance in advance. We’re going to take a close look at exactly how this coverage can protect you, from baggage loss to helping cover emergency medical expenses overseas.

Types of Travel Insurance Policies for Worry-Free Getaways

There’s nothing that can replace a full passport and a lifetime of memories – that’s why travel insurance is so important. Take a look at some of the options we offer:


Global Medical Insurance

Make sure your most important asset — your health — is always taken care of. Our partner offers customized global travel medical insurance that can give you the freedom to choose any hospital for treatment. Are you planning any extreme sports fun while on vacation? Ask your agent about adventure travel insurance because a little extra medical coverage can make a big difference abroad.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Protect yourself and your getaway against life’s curveballs. Our partner’s customizable trip cancellation coverage means that your tickets to paradise are ready when you are — no matter the circumstances.

Mexico Auto Insurance

Heading to Mexico? Your U.S. auto policy likely isn’t. That why we’ve partnered with International Insurance Group, Inc. to make sure your car remains protected after you’re south of the border.

Get an online quote for your trip to Mexico right away!

Mexico Boat Insurance

Dreaming of cruising Mexico’s high seas? Be sure your boat and jet ski coverage is along for the ride. We’ve partnered with ACE Seguros to bring you the best in liability coverage, legal assistance and bail bond coverage. Get a Mexico Boat Insurance quote.

These summaries represent only a brief description of select coverages. Coverage features and limits vary by state. Some products are not available in every state. Your American Family Insurance agent can help you choose smart, budget-friendly options for your next adventure.

For more information see our travel insurance FAQs.

Travel Insurance Cost

Most travel insurance plans will include coverage that helps protect against financial losses. You’ll likely get protection against canceled flights and other issues. If you become too ill to travel in the days before your trip, you can find peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to recover much of your travel investment.

So, exactly how much does travel insurance cost? Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from 4 to 10 percent of your pre-paid, non-refundable travel costs for travel insurance. So, if you’ve spent $8,000 on airfare, hotel and car reservations, expect to pay anywhere from $350 - $880. But, like other insurance products, that final cost depends on several of factors:

Days traveling and the price tag of your trip

Your premium will be based in part by the length of your trip and its total cost. Your premium may reflect the added cost of daily entrance fees to theme parks or other pre-paid expenses.

The amount of coverage you want

As a general rule, your premium will increase in cost with each new “risk” you add to a policy. For instance, if you’re looking for extra protection for expensive jewelry you’ll be traveling with, that added risk will result in an increase in your travel insurance cost.

Your age

Usually, health issues increase with age. Affordable medical coverage while abroad is key to many travelers.

Your destination’s cost of living

If the cost of health care there is high in the country or area you plan on visiting, your premium for coverage may reflect that difference.

Where to Get Travel Insurance Quotes

There’s a lot to be said for working with your trusted insurance provider for your travel coverage. You’ll be able to get travel insurance directly through American Family Insurance. And by working with your agent and our trusted partners, you’ll get the same great service you’ve come to expect.


Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Whenever a big investment is on the line, it’s smart to prepare for the unexpected. And when you’ve got your hard-earned vacation days added into the mix, it’s easy to see how a small insurance purchase can pay off in a big way if the unexpected should happen.

Take a look at these tips to help you pick up the right travel when you’re shopping for travel coverage:

Look carefully at how much money’s at stake

Consider where you’d be if your plans abruptly changed and you were faced with a medical emergency that prevented you from traveling. Would you be comfortable forfeiting much of your travel savings?

Review your current travel coverage

Explore the offerings you’ve got in hand with your credit cards and other incentives so you’re aware of any partial coverage that you’ve got already. Even your renters policy can help out with lost or stolen items wherever you trek.

After you’re aware of how you’re protected, make a list of coverages you’ll need to insure your prepaid travel investments and potential medical coverage. And it’s a good idea to review your deductibles as well when you contact your agent.

Focus on coverage that meets your needs best

A lot can happen while you’re on vacation. Now that you know about the coverage you’ll have, and what you’ll need, you can fine-tune a prepaid policy to help carry you over the gaps in coverage that may already be in place.

Consider picking up an umbrella policy

Did you know that an umbrella policy is a great travel companion? Learn all about it before you take your next trip. You’ll have important protection while abroad and it’s coverage that keeps working for you at home, and wherever you go.

Life can be unpredictable, but that’s what insurance is for. Make a list of the kinds of travel coverage you’re looking for and be sure to reach out to your American Family Insurance agent for a quote. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re better prepared. And your agent can help you understand the ins and outs of your travel coverage so that when you’re away, all you’ll be worried about is having fun.