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American Family Reinsurance

At AmFamRe, we understand that having a partner you can rely on is important, especially when it comes to protecting your company. That’s why we launched our business in 2011 — the mission being to provide assumed reinsurance to select domestic and international partners by developing strong, long-term relationships and offering up committed support in times of need.

Written through American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin, AmFamRe is backed by the strong financial reputation of the American Family Insurance Group and its longstanding commitment to its customers. With nearly $22.7 billion in assets and $7.8 billion in equity, we’ve regularly received an A rating from AM best — making us a company you can count on. Here’s what you need to know.

Total Assets
Total Equity

Our policyholders and business partners rely on us to be there in their time of need, so we hold our values to a high standard. We really get to know you and your company’s needs in person, so when it comes down to it, we can build a contract that fits your unique needs.

If you choose us to be your trusted reinsurer, you can count on us to uphold our promises.

Integrity. The cornerstone of our assumed reinsurance program is integrity — you can rely on our honesty and committed support.

Analysis. We use an analytical, model-driven approach to managing our catastrophe exposures.

Appetite. We’ve built our assumed reinsurance program by focusing on property excess of loss reinsurance with target placements between $5 million and $10 million. We will continue to grow our excess of loss book as well as explore new, proportional programs and other assumed reinsurance opportunities throughout the world.

Diversification. American family has built a substantial Midwestern portfolio and now has the ability, through reinsurance, to add other U.S. and worldwide exposures in uncorrelated areas where many others may have limited capacity. This gives us a real advantage over many of our competitors.

At AmFamRe, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with like-minded businesses. Our ideal partners:

  • Share our conservative values, thorough approach to underwriting and value long-term relationships
  • Seek capacity in geographic areas uncorrelated with American Family’s existing exposure base.
  • Benefit from working with our seasoned reinsurance team, whose diverse U.S. and international experience span decades.
  • Share our passion for our industry and the work we do.

We’ve got a team of reinsurance experts dedicated to filling and delivering on your needs.

Executive Leadership

Jeffrey N. Preston
Reinsurance Vice President
608-242-4100 x32225
608-422-1075 mobile

Management Team

Matt Hutchinson
Reinsurance UW and Account Development Director
608-242-4100 x30730
608-354-2763 mobile

Lori Krumberger
Reinsurance Operations Director
608-242-4100 x30586
608-445-6103 mobile

Ken Sherman
Reinsurance Marketing Manager
608-242-4100 x38083
608-345-1047 mobile

Underwriting Contacts

Bob Hilby
Senior Underwriter

David Kennedy
Senior Underwriter

Ed McManus
Senior Underwriter

Travis Michaels
Senior Underwriter

Katie Christensen

Andy Voeller