5 Pool Safety Gadgets You'll Love

From innovative pool covers to alarms for pets and the kiddos, meet the safety products and equipment that make family time around the water simple and stress-free.

Pool Fences

When it comes to the family pool — fences and gates are no brainers. But are you sure yours are effective? The smartest, safest fences are at least four feet high and aren’t climbable by children. Gates should have a self-closing door and be able to be locked when you’re away. 

Recently, many manufacturers have created portable fences that allow you to create a barrier around your pool temporarily without drilling holes. It’s a great, inexpensive way to create protection between your house and the pool without having to make a permanent change.

Pool Safety Covers

Here’s something trivia-worthy: A pool cover is only considered a “safety” pool cover when it can hold a minimum of 485 pounds per 5 square feet (via the American Society for Testing and Materials). Usually made of mesh or solid vinyl, safety covers are a smart bet − they are stretched across the pool and held to anchors in the deck with spring-loaded straps. What does this mean for solar covers and winter covers? They simply aren’t sturdy enough to be a safe choice.

Some safety pool covers include an electronic roller that’s housed permanently at one end of the pool. When the cover is closed, it runs along steel channels set in the side of the pool.  You can close this version frequently — essentially every time the pool isn’t in use.  It keeps out leaves, people and animals and helps retain heat in the pool. Slick, huh?

Pool Alarms
There are a variety of alarms you can install at your pool’s edge, around its perimeter, or inside of it that will sound if someone breaks infrared beams, enters the water or moves the water. These systems will help you feel confident that you’ll be alerted if anyone falls in.

Door Alarms
If you have young kids, you can also attach alarms to the doors in your house that lead to the pool. These alarms can be set to go off any time the door is opened — unless you manually turn it off. Smart!

Wristband and Pet Collar Alarms

These wearable devices are designed to set off an alarm when they get wet — making them perfect for playful kiddos and mischievous pets. The best part? They come in tons of fun colors and shapes!

Looking for other ways to make pool time more relaxing? Get the family on the same page with our ideas for Simple Summer Pool Safety .


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