Simple Summer Pool Safety

Melty popsicles, swinging hammocks and splashing in swimming pools – isn’t summertime simply the best?

Before you take the plunge at your neighborhood pool, make sure you land on some safe family rules. These smart standbys are the perfect place to start:  

Buddy Up: Kids should only swim with an adult’s permission and supervision.

Stay Afloat: Only expert swimmers should be in the deep end without a life preserver.

Take It Slow: No running on the pool deck!

Dive Smart: Always jump off the end of the diving board, not the sides.

Check Depth: Never jump or dive in shallow water.

Stay Fenced In: In most states, pools must be enclosed by a 4 foot high fence or taller. Keep the gate closed at all times. If you have an indoor pool, be sure to keep the door closed and locked when the pool isn’t in use.

Ring It Up: Keep a life ring next to the pool when it’s open.

Keep It Clean: Make sure the pool is clean enough to see the bottom at all times.

Stay Covered: Close the pool’s safety cover or lock the doors from the house to the pool when you are done swimming.

And voilà! Time to break out the sunscreen and let the summertime memory-making begin.

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