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Reasons to Consider Installing Smart Lighting Technology

Looking for new ways to not only save money, but make a difference for the planet, too? In addition to recycling your plastics, papers and aluminum, another way to reduce your environmental impact is to invest in smart lighting technology. Making the switch takes even less effort than sorting through trash and helps prevent wasting electricity.

Instead of leaving lights on when you’re not home or walking from room to room just to switch off a lamp, the smart approach is to allow lights to work only when you need them! Though every smart technology system is different, some features include motion sensors, voice-activated lights, and bulbs that react to daylight availability. And since many technologies are available in accent lighting, you don’t have to compromise your design aesthetic to be more strategic about your energy output. Let these helpful tips persuade you to come over to the lighter side.

Energy Efficiency

Close your eyes and do a mental audit of your home. How many lights are currently on — from your living room and kitchen to your bedroom and garage? Many people leave on a ceiling fan here or a nightlight there, without giving it a second thought. Though it’s normal and common, the energy being wasted comes at a cost — both for you and the planet.

With many other things on your mind, remembering to flip off every last switch in your home can be a forgotten part of your daily responsibilities. That’s why smart lighting technology is so, well, smart! It turns off lights you’re not using without requiring any effort on your part. Want a little more control? No problem! Depending on which system you choose, you can also set up timers via a touchpad or turn on lights with your smartphone.

Security & Surveillance

Setting up motion-activated lighting is a hassle-free way to put your mind at ease that your home is secure when you’re not there. Thanks to its sensitivity and effectiveness, you will always know if someone accesses your property — whether it’s through your driveway, your front door, back door or a walkway. Once activated, you’ll be notified via a phone call, a text, an app notification, or whatever method you choose.

Depending on your budget and needs — based on the size and location of your home — you can also opt for cameras giving you a bird’s eye view of your surroundings no matter where you happen to be. Many of the systems can also brighten dark areas of your property so you won’t have to worry about stumbling in the dark.

Interior Design

Smart technologies also allow for more creativity in your home design. How so? For your bedroom, you might want a muted palette with soft bulbs and the ability to dim while your living room might require a brighter take. For the resident handyman in your home, the garage might need industrial lighting for your current projects. With smart technology, your lighting is no longer a one-bulb-fits-all model, but a specific approach to creating the right atmosphere for all of your rooms and their functions.

Consider using smart lighting technology as a way to define your living space with the placement of light to draw attention to focal points. In other words, make that piece of art you love more pronounced with a backlight, or a mirror can feel more impactful with a myriad of bulbs as its frame. This allows you to control the attention of your rooms, emphasizing your design and attention to detail. And if a wall switch completely throws off your aesthetic? It’s not an issue anymore since most smart lighting technologies allow you to control every last shade from your smartphone or a keypad.


As a parent, how many times a day do you wish you had an extra hand? It can be hectic wrangling the kiddos, grocery bags and your front gate all at the same time. Throw in a light switch to turn on — and then off — and you might end up spilling your bags. With the technology of smart lighting systems, you have one less worry since the lights work without your extra effort. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing your kids can race to the front door without tripping, and they’ll have a safe place to spread their wings. After all, isn’t that what lights are for? To make their journey that much easier, happier and brighter.

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