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For nearly a century, science fiction has been promising us flying cars, robotic homes and complete meals in a pill. We still don’t have the flying cars or robot butlers, yet in many ways the real-life smart homes are better than science fiction.

Making your home smarter goes beyond making your life "neat" or "keeping up with the Joneses." Known as the Internet of Things, smart home technology is an incredible way to help you protect your family, lower your energy bills and care for the environment. Not to mention, when you proactively protect your home with smart home products, we reward you for your effort. Connect with your American Family agent to find out how you can qualify for a smart home discount.

Smarter Protection for You and Your Dreams

Enhanced smoke alarms. Today’s alarms can do a lot more than tell you if there is smoke in the air. A connected smoke detector can contact emergency services, alert your mobile devices and turn on the lights to help you find the way out.

Smart locks. Digital keys and sensory unlocking are just two of the cutting edge ways digital deadbolts are protecting your home. You can give friends or family members digital keys so they have access whenever they need it, and with some systems you can even have your doors unlock as you approach.

Eyes on the prize. As high-quality cameras and wireless networks have become more affordable and more reliable, home monitoring has improved as well. With many systems you can use your smart phone to see what’s happening in your home. And the improved cameras can give you night vision and zoom capabilities.

Save Energy. Save Money. And Reduce Waste at the Same Time.

Change your own climate. Following a monitoring period, during which your smart thermostat begins to understand your patterns, the humidity and temperature, the devices can turn on or off the climate control systems in your home. It’s on-demand climate control, offering significant annual savings and reducing wasted energy.

Shine the light on efficiency. Today’s LED bulbs have surpassed the longevity of CFLs and are easier to dispose of. Plus, many now provide the same shine associated with classic incandescent bulbs.

Switch to the smart. Once you have efficient bulbs in your sockets, consider switches that sync your lights with the sunrise and sunsets.

Wash your hands of wasteful water use. Water-use sensors attach to your pipes and let you know when you’re using the most water, and you’ll get tips for reducing your water use. Some sensors can even alert you to leaking faucets.

The seal of an efficient home. Door and window sensors offer the protection of letting you know if anything has been left open. And, they can even turn off your air conditioner if a window is open.

Save money at the outlet. Smart outlets let you cut off power to appliances when they aren’t in use. Many items, such as your TV and computers, can use energy whenever they’re plugged in, even if they’re not in use. Cutting power to the outlet is an easy way to eliminate the energy drain.

The Simply Smart Life

Once you’ve got your climate controlled, your lighting right and your water and electricity use optimized, it’s time to use smart gadgets to get more enjoyment from the time you spend in your home.

Make the most of your music. Hello, traveling DJ! You can put your entire collection of tunes in every room with intelligent stereo equipment, and you can even have motion-activated speakers so the music moves with you from room-to-room.

Get yourself that robot maid. An automated vacuum can clean the place while you’re gone, so your time at home is spent doing what you want to do, not doing the floors.

Become your home’s text buddy. Once you’ve turned your home into a smart home, put the control at your fingertips. Most systems are designed to be controlled from your smart phone or tablet, giving you access to your systems from nearly anywhere.

The smartest addition to your home? An insurance policy that’ll make sure it’s always protected. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent and check out our homeowner coverages to learn about all the ways we can safeguard your smart home.

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