Renters Insurance Theft Coverage

Your renters insurance is designed to help protect against many unexpected events. But does it cover theft? In most cases, yes, your renters insurance will cover the theft of your belongings from your rental unit or elsewhere, like a hotel if you’re on vacation or even your local library.

Some renters insurance policies will help to cover theft that happens while you’re out traveling or on vacation domestically or abroad, including American Family’s renters insurance. It’s coverage that follows you wherever you go!

Let’s take a closer look at how your renters insurance protects you from theft.

What Types of Theft Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Most types of theft are covered by renters insurance, so you can depend on your coverage to help you with the costs of replacing your belongings. In the event your things are stolen, you’ll want to know their value so you can accurately report it when filing a claim, which you can do either online or by calling your insurance agent.

Keep in mind, before your insurance company will pay out for your stolen belongings, you’ll have to pay your deductible. Typical renters insurance deductibles range from $500 to $2,000. So, if the items that were stolen are worth less than your deductible cost, you won’t want to file a claim because your insurance company won’t cover that expense.

Here are a few situations where you can depend on your renters coverage to protect you from the unexpected:

In-home burglary

If your apartment is broken into and your things are stolen, your renters insurance can help pay to replace those items.

In-car theft

If someone breaks into your car and steals your renters insurance can help cover the costs of replacing these items. To cover the cost of fixing your vehicle, you’ll want to look to your auto insurance policy.

Travel theft

Say you’re at the coffee shop with your laptop and you leave it behind for just a moment to go to the bathroom. When you come back out, your laptop has been stolen. Renters insurance can help cover the expense of replacing items like this that are stolen while you’re away from home.

Vacation theft

If you’re on vacation and are pickpocketed or your hotel room is broken into, your renters insurance can help, even when you’re away from home.

Additional Coverage for Renters Insurance

Renters insurance can cover more than just your physical belongings. There are a few optional coverages you can add to your renters policy to give you even more comprehensive protection against the unexpected:

Identity theft restoration

If your identity is stolen, renters insurance can help you put a freeze on your credit and get your life back on track. This coverage can help you restore your credit score, helps pay for things like legal fees and lost wages should you need to go to court and can help you obtain new documents, like Social Security cards, should they be stolen.

Credit monitoring

We’ve also teamed up with CyberScout to provide you with a credit monitoring service that can help you protect your finances from the expense of identity theft. They’ll keep an eye on your credit score and help detect any fraudulent activity using your identity.

Pet insurance

This coverage can help pay for certain veterinary costs and final expenses up to $1,000 if your pet is hurt in a covered loss.

Home-based business coverage

If your small-scale business is run out of your rental, you may be eligible to add liability and business property protection coverage on to your renters policy to help protect the things you work so hard for.

If you’ve experienced theft in your apartment or while out and about, file a claim online or with your American Family Insurance agent right away and stay protected with our apartment safety tips.

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