What to Expect on Closing Day

Closing on a house is one of the best feelings in the world. But the actual closing and paperwork can be tedious and sometimes a little overwhelming. One of the best ways to keep the entire process as positive as possible is to create a closing checklist so you’re prepared and know what to expect.

Home Buyers Closing Day Checklist

Contact the closing agent. Once you know where and who your closing agent is, it’s a good idea to contact their offices to see if they have any special instructions for you. They will typically have a list of items you’ll need to bring.

Review your closing documents ahead of time. Legally, you should receive your closing documents three business days before closing. Make sure you read them prior to closing day so you understand what you’re signing and check that there are no errors. Take notes if you have questions or concerns – you might want to address them before the closing.

Check the basics. Double-check all of the basics; spelling, numbers, names etc. just to make sure there were no small errors along the way that could be bigger issues down the road.

Check the fees. Your most recent loan estimate should be close to your closing disclosure. Some fees may change a little, but there shouldn’t be any big surprises at this stage.

Seller responsibilities. Review your final walk through checklist to make sure the seller has taken care of their responsibilities.

Be payment ready. Expect to write that check for closing costs. Plan in advance if you’re transferring funds from another account so they are cleared.

Proof of insurance. Lenders require an insurance policy before closing. Reach out to your agent to get your new homeowners insurance in place.

Things to bring. Bring all of your closing paperwork, your checkbook, any co-signers, your attorney (if you’re using one – it’s not required), your list of questions, and anything else the closing agent suggested you bring. And don’t forget a good pen – you’re going to be signing a lot of papers!

Bonus tip. If the spirit moves you, write a nice note or give a small gift to the sellers. With a small act of kindness, you can make a fresh start in your new home on a positive note.

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