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From your countertops to the color of your walls, your home is uniquely yours. Shouldn’t your homeowners insurance be built just for you too? We think so.

American Family homeowners insurance covers more than just your floors, walls and ceilings. We believe that everything your home stands for is worth protecting. That’s why we provide the customized home coverage you need to protect what matters most to you. Not sure what homeowners insurance covers or which policy is right for you? An American Family Insurance agent is happy to help. Connect with your agent today.

Have questions about homeowners insurance? Head to our FAQs.

What Coverage is Best for me?

You’re unique. That’s why you may need coverage that goes beyond your current policy to ensure all your hard-earned dreams are protected. Not sure where to start? Use our Customize Your Coverage Tool to see how we can help get you the unique protection you deserve.

Complete Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Whether it’s a bungalow in an up-and-coming neighborhood, or a farmhouse that’s been in your family for decades, our protection can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle.

Property Protection

If your home is damaged, our homeowners policy helps cover costs of damage from fire, windstorms, hail, theft, and other covered losses. And while your home is being repaired or rebuilt, we’ll help cover temporary housing expenses, so you and your family can get back on your feet faster.

And we know that your home is more than your house, it’s also the things inside that make it yours. Our personal property coverage protects the important possessions inside your home — from your kids’ tablets to your grandmother’s piano.

But, if you’ve got unique valuables to protect, like wedding rings, family heirloom jewelry or an art collection, it’s smart to add scheduled property coverage to your policy. This extra coverage will help pick up where your regular property protection ends, and make sure your most valuable possessions will always be protected. Your agent can help explain the details.

Liability Protection

Accidents happen. If someone is accidentally hurt on your property and you’re legally liable, our liability coverage will help keep you financially protected, so you can keep your future plans on track.

Added Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

Your household is made up of many moving parts, which is why we offer optional coverages for you to build a homeowners insurance policy that fits your unique needs. Here’s a small sampling of additional home insurance coverages you can add on to your policy for additional charge. For a complete list, connect with your agent and discuss the best protection options for your home.

Home-based businesses. Growing your business dream from the comfort of your home office? We offer liability coverage and business property protection for small-scale home-based businesses, so you can worry less about the logistics and focus more on your entrepreneurial ventures.

Sewer backup and sump pump overflow coverage. If your sewer backs up or sump pump overflows, our backup and overflow coverage may provide extra protection for your peace of mind.

More buildings, more protection. Have a detached structure on your property? We can add protection for that, too! Connect with your agent to discuss what’s eligible for additional coverage.

Identity theft protection. Protect your good name and your credit with this low-cost coverage, which protects you against the high costs of restoring your finances and identity.

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage is a common cause of home insurance claims, but many people aren’t exactly sure how their home insurance protects them in the event water wreaks havoc on their home.

Take our quick quiz to see if you know whether your homeowners policy covers you for water damage or if you need additional coverage.

  1. No, but you can get the extra protection you need from the National Flood Insurance program.

  2. Yes, as long as the pipe burst was not due to neglected maintenance.
  3. Yes.
  4. No, not unless you have sump pump coverage.
  5. No, not unless you have selected the detached structures coverage. Connect with your agent to learn more about this coverage.

Have Questions?

No two homes are alike, which is why building a homeowners policy to fit your unique lifestyle is so important. And we’re here to help! If you’ve still got questions, see our homeowners insurance FAQs, study up on the variety of homeowners insurance discounts we offer and learn more about why people choose American Family.

Get a Homeowners Insurance Quote

When you’re ready for a home insurance quote, an American Family Insurance agent near you is happy to help you choose exactly what policy and price is right for your unique lifestyle. Connect with yours today and get your household the custom protection it deserves.