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How to Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is packed with all kinds of items, from cookware and dishes to cupboards full of food — and don’t forget the infamous junk drawer. We know that keeping it organized is no easy task. But it can be!

With good planning and clever storage techniques, you can have an organized kitchen in no time. Follow our list of smart kitchen organization hacks and you’ll discover your space has a lot to offer.

First Steps to an Organized Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen starts with a clean slate. Tackle these steps first to prepare your kitchen for an organization overhaul!

Empty it out. When it comes to keeping things organized, it’s best to see what you’re working with. Empty out all the cupboards, cabinets and pantry. This way you can toss out expired foods and donate any kitchen items you no longer use. Once you purge your kitchen of the things you no longer want or need, you’ll be able to start over with a fresh blueprint for organizing your kitchen. 

Deep clean. With all your kitchen goods aside, it’s time to put in some elbow grease and really get things clean. Wipe out cabinets, clean grease off the stove, scrub down the fridge — get in all the nooks and crannies that are hard to reach once items are put away.

Categorize items. Now that everything is out in the open, start grouping similar items together. Designate your shelf space for specific categories of kitchen goods — Tupperware, serving platters, daily dishes, baking items and so on. Deciding what will go where will help you visualize your options before putting things away.

Kitchen Cabinet and Cupboard Organizers

Your cabinets and cupboards are where most of your storage space exists in the kitchen. Make the most out of your space with these kitchen organization hacks:

Use risers. Want to give your cabinets or cupboards twice as much surface space? Utilize risers for more room in your cabinets. They can be used for most types of dishware, including plates, storage containers and bakeware.

Get creative with the dishrack. Have a lot of Tupperware? Invest in a dishrack that’ll fit in a cupboard or cabinet. Place all your lids in the rack and it’ll help you avoid digging around for that one dish or Tupperware lid over and over again — convenient!

Add a shelf to the pantry door. Do you have a pantry? You’re already winning in the extra space department! Make even more room by screwing shelves onto the door. Here, you can keep things like spices, condiments, cans — whatever fits! Better yet, if you don’t want to screw a shelf into your door, just get a clear shoe organizer to hang on the door and use the pockets as storage space.

See-through containers. A great way to stay organized (and on top of your grocery list) is using see-through containers for things like cereal, flour, sugar, snacks, etc. Not only will it help keep things more organized, but your items stay fresher when stored properly in airtight containers.

Use display cabinets to display. If you’ve got display cabinets, you’ll want to keep those as clutter-free as possible. They’re a good spot to show off your fine dishes or unique trinkets, but if you must utilize the storage space, consider stashing items in trendy, woven baskets.

Creating More Space in Your Kitchen

Another great way to keep your kitchen organized is simply by creating space. Finding and using extra space that’s always been available means you’re creating more space in your cupboards, cabinets, drawers and pantry.

Find extra space. Atop the fridge, above the cupboards, on the walls — there’s wasted space in your kitchen that can surely be utilized. Find some stylish, spacious baskets and set them on top of the fridge or cupboards. Use wall hangers to hang oven mitts, towels or coffee mugs. You can even put hangers or adhesives inside cupboards to hang things like measuring cups. Get creative with where you put your kitchen goods — hang pots and pans on the wall, display your favorite dishes in a hutch or on a corner counter spot, etc.

Organizing under the sink. Make more space under your sink by using clear bins and putting your dish cleaning items in one, floor and counter cleaning supplies in another. Do you keep plastic and paper bags? Don’t just throw them inside the cupboard. Designate a bag for each and keep all extra bags inside. And don’t forget to use the cupboard door either. You can use hooks here to hang washcloths and gloves neatly.

Give your drawers space. You may already have a silverware holder for your forks, spoons and butter knives, but double up and use another one to organize your other cooking utensils, like spatulas, wooden spoons, cooking knives, etc. It’ll give your drawers more space and help keep everything in place so when you open your drawer, everything isn’t askew!

Keep it clean. Bottom line, you’ve got to keep organizing your kitchen at the top of your weekly chore list to truly achieve a full-time, clutter-free space. But the upside? It’ll only take 10 to 15 minutes a week to keep on top of it — much better than taking a full day every few months!

Keeping your kitchen organized doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Once you get your space set up by tackling this list, you’ll be one step closer to keeping it organized and functional for the long haul. And now that you've got your kitchen organized, take a look at our tips for decluttering your home and organizing your garage!

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