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7 Tips for Starting a Hobby Farm

What could be better than eating fresh foods you grew yourself and caring for adorable animals? If you dream of a life like this and aspire to starting a hobby farm, we’ve got some tips on starting a hobby farm that can help you be successful.

Do what you love. There’s not a formula to hobby farming so stick to what you will really enjoy. Grow what you like to eat and care for livestock that you enjoy. Stay away from following trends that don’t really appeal to you.

Don’t expect to make money. While you may be able to make some money at farmer’s markets and with local vendors, hobby farms are not typically money makers; they’re simply too small. Much like the tip above, it’s a labor of love.

Create a network. Surround yourself with people who are either experienced or who share your passions. A novice with passion can, at times, be as valuable to you as a seasoned farmer. Be willing to ask for help and advice from a variety of sources.

Stay grounded. Make sure you do your due diligence and plan for the hard work ahead with a keen eye on farm safety. Crops and animals will rely on you to keep them alive and thriving. You can revel in the joy of this lifestyle, but remember that elbow grease and planning are indeed a part of it too.

Start slow. While you may envision the whole ball of wax at once, you’ll be much happier if you start with a small hobby farm and then slowly grow into your dream farm as you learn to manage what you have.

Write it down. Keep a journal of what you did, what worked, what didn’t, etc. You’ll be more successful when you can track your wins and losses and learn from both. Don’t forget to track weather, bugs, animal care, harvests and more to see if there are patterns you can take advantage of.

Love your life. Embrace the joys and the hard work because you’re living your dream to the fullest. Remember to sit back and soak it all in — you deserve those moments of joy.

What is a hobby farm?

One of the most important parts of the phrase “hobby farm” is the word hobby. The definition of hobby is something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Keeping this in mind can save on expenses, effort, and frustration. If you begin to think of your hobby farm as a money making venture or a chore, it loses its hobby farm appeal and morphs into something else. We’re not saying that your hobby farm can’t be a source of income, but it traditionally is just a supplemental source of money, not a primary venture.

When you’re ready to pursue your passions and begin a hobby farm, or if you’ve already started — contact your American Family agent to make sure you’ve got enough protection for your peace of mind.

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