11 Tips for Farm Safety

Stay Safe While Harvesting and Planting

When it’s time to head out into the fields for planting or harvesting, it’s important to make safety a priority. Keep yourself and your family safe with farm insurance and these smart tips for your busy time of year.

Spring Planting

Protect your senses. Wear hearing and eye protection around running machinery.

Breathe smart. Use appropriate masks to filter dust and mold.

Dress for success. If using chemicals, use chemical respirators. Wear appropriate gloves and protective clothing.

Know your chemicals. Learn safe handling for all types of agricultural chemicals.

Fall Harvesting

Air it out. Ventilate silo headspace at least 30 minutes before entering to remove concentrations of harmful — or lethal — gas.

Drive smart. Always disengage the PTO before getting off a tractor.

Step with care. Never step across a rotating power shaft.

Stay fitted. Never wear loose fitting clothes around moving parts.

Stop the roll. When unhitching wagons or carts from a tractor always use wheel blocks to prevent rollaway accidents.

Keep out. Make sure bystanders stay clear of the harvesting process.

Stay vigilant. Closely supervise children in work areas.

Keep these tips top of mind, and you’ll keep stress to a minimum and productivity to a maximum!

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