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Bundled insurance FAQs

Insurance Bundles FAQs

  1. You’ll often see the word “bundle” when searching for insurance — but what does bundling mean and how can it help you? Simply put, the definition of bundling is when you buy multiple insurance products with the same provider. Typically, it’s cheaper to buy all of your insurance needs through one provider than buying individuals policies from different companies.

  2. The types of coverage that can be bundled depend on your insurance company, but with American Family, you can earn a multi-product discount when bundling two or more of most of the products we offer. And, the more products you bundle, the higher a discount you can earn!

    For example, sure, you’ll earn a discount for bundling your auto and home together, but you can earn an even higher discount for bundling home, auto and life insurance together. Want an even better discount? How about bundling your home, two cars, RV and life insurance? The same goes for products like your renters, condo, boat, motor home, ATV, umbrella — basically the more you add, the more you can improve this great discount.

    Want to learn more about what coverages you can bundle together? Your agent can help you discover all the ways you can save!

  3. Great question! From savings to simplicity, bundling your insurance provides several benefits that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t bundle sooner — take a look:

    Save money when you bundle. One of the best benefits of bundling your insurance is earning a discount! If you bundle two or more policies with us, you’ll be eligible for our multi-product discount, which helps keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

    Enjoy convenience. Bundling your insurance makes things simple for you. When you sign up for My Account, you can view your premiums, effective dates (which is the date your policy ends unless you choose to renew it) and policy information all in one convenient location. Not to mention how quick and easy it is to manage your insurance and pay for all of your policies. You can access My Account online or by downloading the MyAmFam app on your smartphone.

    Simple claims process. Should the unexpected happen and you need to file a claim, our claims department is designated, 24/7, to helping you get your life back on track.

    Agent guidance. Whether you bundle or not, your agent is your advocate — by your side to get you the coverage you need. But when you bundle, they’ll really get to know you and your insurance needs. They’ll be able to identify any gaps in your coverage and make recommendations, so you’ll be properly protected in the event of the unexpected.

  4. Bundling your policies is as easy as picking up your phone and contacting your insurance agent. They’ll help you find the right coverage for your specific needs and walk you through the steps to bundle your policies.

    Learn more about how to switch insurance providers when you decide to bundle your insurance.

  5. Are you considering bundling your home and auto insurance but haven’t quite made the leap? This is a good time to join the 57% of American Family Insurance customers who save time and money by bundling their home and auto insurance. In fact, customers who bundle their auto and home insurance policies save up to 23% on both policies together.* 

  6. If you rent your home or apartment, having renters insurance is one of the smartest choices you can make to protect the things inside. Another smart choice? Bundling your renters and auto coverage. Again, it’s about savings and convenience — and since renters insurance is already such a good deal (usually less than the price of a pizza a month!), combining it with your auto insurance makes renters insurance even more affordable. Learn more about the cost of renters insurance and how it protects you and your things from the unexpected.

  7. Do you have separate insurance providers for your policies? Do you want to save money on your insurance? Do you want to enjoy the convenience of all your policies in one, easy location? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s a good time to bundle your policies.

  8. The most important thing to remember about insurance is that it’s there to protect you from the unexpected. You’ll want to evaluate if the savings are worth it based on the coverage you need. In other words, if you’re changing providers to bundle, but have less coverage than before, you could potentially be at risk of spending more when filing a claim. So keep in mind, if your bundled plan doesn’t match the quality of protection on your separate insurance policies, you might be better off not bundling.

    Our advice? Connect with your agent to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and the best savings.

  9. From your insurance provider to your coverage amounts, how much you save is dependent on a variety of factors.  

    At American Family Insurance, customers who bundle their auto and home policies save up to 23% on both policies together.*

*Customers who bundle auto and home insurance policies may save up to 23% on both policies together (as of October 2021). Discounts may vary by state, property, policy form and company underwriting the auto and/or home policy. Discounts may not apply to all coverages on an auto or property policy.