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Condo FAQs

Condo FAQs

  1. Your condo is an integral part of who you are and the life you’ve built for yourself. That’s why condo insurance can play such an important role in your daily life. It protects your home and the things inside that make it uniquely yours, 24/7. Your American Family agent can help customize your condo insurance policy so it fills the gaps in your condo association agreement — so your home, lifestyle and dreams get the protection you deserve.
  2. Just look at your neighbor’s condo compared to yours, and you’ll realize that no two condos are alike! That’s why we offer a variety of coverage options to protect your condo and everything that makes it uniquely yours. Typically, a condo association’s insurance only covers the building, not what’s inside. Our condo insurance is designed to help you replace the interior of your condo and your prized possessions, so you can quickly get back on the path towards your dreams should the unthinkable happen due to fire, theft, water damage and more.

    But wait – there’s even more protection!  Our condo policies go the extra mile by providing liability coverage in case someone else gets injured in your condo, or if their property is damaged there and they don’t have their own insurance. Your American Family agent
    is happy to help you explore all of your options, so you can get the peace of mind you need.
  3. Buying condo insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. A convenient place to start is to request a quote from your agent who will take into consideration your condo association’s insurance coverage, and will help fill in the gaps to put together a package that’s just right for you.
  4. Yes – we’ve got your back! Our condo insurance helps cover theft, fire, storm damage, vandalism and more.
  5. Yes, mold is covered, too! If there’s mold in your condo due to a covered loss our condo insurance will cover it.
  6. The short answer? It depends. If your condo association agreement does not cover your appliances, our condo insurance could cover them – just ask your agent!

  7. Great question! You’ll need enough protection to cover rebuilding your condo from the walls in and replacing your belongings if something unexpected happens. It’s important to have an up-to-date idea of what you own, which is why our home inventory spreadsheet helps you quickly create a room-by-room inventory. Also, keep in mind that the amount of condo insurance you should have depends on your condo association agreement. Your American Family agent can help explain the ins and outs of your specific agreement.
  8. Good question! It depends. Before you pack your suitcase, check with your agent to make sure your most valuable items are covered while you’re traveling. Bon Voyage!

  9. There are many factors that can impact your premiums, so it’s hard to say for sure. Your agent is in the best position to help you determine whether claims could impact your particular situation.
  10. We LOVE pets – they are part of the family! However, having personal property coverage alone won’t cover Fido – or your cat, birds or fish. Instead, we offer a special add-on pet coverage. It can provide up to $1000 for veterinarian or burial expenses for your dog, cat, fish or bird as a result of a covered loss. Additionally, keep in mind that the personal liability coverage limit applies to animals as well. A $25,000 limit applies to dangerous dogs and exotic animals. Your American Family agent can share all the details and help you plan protection for your friends. Some restrictions apply. Coverages may vary by state, property policy form and company underwriting the condo policy.
  11. The easiest and most convenient way to cancel a policy with American Family insurance is to call your agent. Not sure how to reach yours? Find them using our agent locator.

    Our customer care center is also available 24/7 at 1-800-MYAMFAM (1-800-692-6326) — they can help direct you to your agent or submit a cancellation request form to your agent on your behalf.