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My Account FAQS

My Account FAQs

  1. My Account is your online American Family Insurance account. You can log in and view your policy details, pay your bills, file a claim, contact your agent and more. It’s available 24/7, wherever you are. And whenever something in your account needs attention, we’ll send you a notification via your preferred contact method.

    Using My Account, you can manage billing accounts for personal auto, home, and umbrella policies. Business billing accounts can be paid through My Account by manually linking the account.

    Note that inactive accounts won’t display and business policies can’t be viewed online at this time.

    Sign up now to enroll in My Account.

  2. Just choose whether you'd like to create a personal or business account and sign up to manage your auto, home and umbrella policy. Now you can set up payments, file claims and access your insurance card all in one place.

    Your My Account is all about making your busy life a little simpler. By signing up, you might even be eligible for some extra discounts.

  3. In order to log out of My Account, click on the personalized greeting in the upper right hand corner. Underneath your name, you will see the option to log out.

  4. MyAmFam app is the mobile version of My Account. You can easily access your proof of insurance card, file a claim, make payments from anywhere at any time ─ all with the MyAmFam app. Download it today to see what else the MyAmFam app can do for you right at your fingertips.


  1. On the Overview page, look to the My Insured Items section. Click Get Insurance Card, and your insurance card will display. You can print your proof of insurance card straight from your web browser by selecting the print option.

    Want to access previous proof of insurance? On the Policies page, select the policy you’d like to view. Under the Documents tab, you’ll be able to view, download and print all previous policy documents up to 13 months.

    If you would like a physical insurance card or you lost it, reach out to your agent or the Customer Care Center and they can mail you a hard copy. Remember, you can always print your proof of insurance card straight from your web browser as mentioned above. The printed version of the card is just as valid as any physical copy you would be sent in the mail.

  2. Your policy documents can be found by going to your My Account Overview and following these steps:

    1. In the My Insured Items section, click the View Details option on whichever policy you’re looking for.
    2. Policy Details will appear in the next screen.
    3. Scroll down to click the Documents drop down box to access them.

    Keep in mind business, farm/ranch and life policy documents cannot be viewed through My Account. You will receive these in the mail when you open one of these policies and then any time you request the information from your agent.

    You can also access your policies by going to the Policies menu of your My Account profile. Once there, click the policy number you want, then the Policy Details page will appear like above.

    If you want to print a policy, from the Documents drop down menu in the Policy Details, click on the PDF icon for the policy you would like to review. From the PDF, you can click print.

  3. Currently, business policy and farm/ranch policy details are not viewable online, but we’re working to make them accessible from your My Account. And while you can’t view these policy documents, you can make payments for these policies through My Account.

  4. From your Profile, scroll to the Communication Preferences section to see what policies and documents are eligible for paperless. If you choose email only, you will no longer receive documents for that account in the mail.

    You can also easily set up paperless billing for individual accounts from the main My Account page under My Programs.

    To cancel your paperless communications, go to Policies, then scroll down to Programs/Discounts and select Opt Out.


  1. Log in to My Account and click Claims at the top of the page. Then click Report a Claim. We'll ask a few questions to gather some basic information about what happened.


  1. From My Account, you can set up automatic payments on individual billing accounts by selecting the Add Autopay option on the cards under My Bills. Once you’ve confirmed automatic payments, you can see your payment schedule from your account details.

    To view, edit or cancel your automatic payments, go to Billing & Payments and open Manage Scheduled Payments to see all your billing accounts. Cancelling your automatic scheduled payment is as simple as clicking the Delete option to the right of the account.

  2. You can add a new payment method by clicking on Billing & Payments. Then scroll down to and click on My Payment Methods. Under My Payment Methods, you will find three options under Add a new payment method: (1) Checking Account (2) Savings Account (3) Debit/Credit Card. Select the method you would like for payment and then follow the screen. Once your new payment method is saved, you’re all set to use it!

    For editing an existing payment method, you would need to go to My Payment Methods. Click on Edit next to the method you would like to edit. Make the changes as necessary and then click on Save.

  3. You can change your payment amount by following these steps:

    1. Under the My Bills section, click on Make A Payment for the billing account you would like to pay.
    2. Click on the account(s) you would like to pay if you have multiple accounts. The check mark indicates the account(s) you will be making a payment for. After your selection, click on Continue.
    3. On the next page, you will be reviewing the payment. Here you can click on Edit under the Accounts column.
    4. A pop-up will appear for the different payment amounts. Select Account Balance to pay make a full payment.
    5. Then click on Save and then you’ll be taken back to the Review your Payment page. Then you click on Make A Payment and you’re all set!
  4. You can pay your bill in My Account by clicking Billing & Payments. Then click the Pay checkbox next to the policy you wish to pay. From there, click Schedule a Payment.

  5. To pay a bill that doesn’t appear on your Billing & Payments page, look to the green plus sign icon section. Enter the Billing Account Number and Policy Number in their respective text boxes, then click Find. Follow the instructions on the page that appears and then you’ve added the billing account!

    You can then pay the bill in My Account by clicking the Pay checkbox next to the newly added billing account, or any of the policy you wish to pay. From there, click Schedule a Payment.

  6. The short answer is no. Though you cannot pay your life policies in My Account at this time, you can still make a payment online by clicking on Make a Payment from On the Payments page, click on Pay Now under Pay as Guest.

    Please note that when the billing number is asked, you will need to put in your policy number for Life and your zip code.

    You can also reach out to your agent or call Customer Support to make payments to your life policies.

  7. Go to Billing & Payments, select the account you’d like to view, then scroll down to Payment History.

    Please note that you will only be able to see 3 months at a time. To change the timeframe, you can select your options in the drop down menu next to Display the last. You can only view up to 24 months ago.


  1. On your Profile under Security Information, you can alter your User ID by clicking the Change button.

  2. To change your My Account password, follow these steps:

    1. Click your name in the upper right corner of My Account.
    2. From the Profile Details section, click Security Information. You’ll find the Edit Password option there.
    3. Enter your new password, then click Change. A success notification will pop up on the screen, and you’re all set!
  3. To change your My Account security questions, follow these steps:

    1. Start by clicking your name in the upper right corner of My Account.
    2. From the Profile Details section, click Security Information. You can make changes there.
  4. From the My Account log in page, click Forgot User ID or Forgot Password and follow the on-screen directions. Still need help? Contact us and we’ll help you recover your profile details.

  5. Just click Forgot Password on the My Account sign in page. From there, you can choose to have a password reset link sent to your primary email address or answer your security questions or have a code sent to your phone via call or text.

  6. First, go to your Profile by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, select Request a Change under the Profile Details section. From there, you can change your name, mailing address and policy or coverage details.

    You can change your phone number, email, communication preferences and security information directly from your Profile.

  7. From your Profile, you can change your Contact Information. If you only have one email address on file, you’ll need to add another one first and then change it to your My Account email address. Here’s how you can do that:

    1. Click Add, found below the My Email Addresses section.
    2. Enter your email address information and select the Make Primary check box.
    3. Click Save. You can now use this email address as your My Account email address.
    4. From the My Account Email Address menu, select the new email address you’ve added and click Send Email. You’ll get a verification email from us at that address. Follow that link to complete the process, and your primary My Account email address will be updated.
  8. You can logout of your My Account by hovering over your name/Profile menu in the top right corner. You will then see the Log out option.

Add/Edit Vehicle

  1. To add a new vehicle to your My Account, follow these steps:

    1. On the Overview or Policy page, select Add Vehicle.
    2. From there, you can get a quote, add a new vehicle to your existing auto policy, or send the info to your agent to get their help.

    Note: You have a 14-day grace period from the day you purchase your new vehicle to contact your agent to avoid a lapse in coverage.

  2. To replace an old vehicle with a new vehicle in My Account, follow these steps:

    1. Click Policies at the top of the page.
    2. Click Replace a Vehicle. There you’ll be able to select which vehicle you’re replacing and get a quote for your new vehicle. Your agent will follow up with you to complete the process.


  1. At the very bottom of the My Account page, you’ll find your agent’s contact information, including their name, website, email and phone number.