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KnowYourDrive Smartphone App FAQs

  1. KnowYourDrive puts American Family Insurance customers in the driver's seat when it comes to safety and savings by rewarding their driving habits with car insurance discounts.

    Sign up for the program when purchasing an auto insurance policy and download the KnowYourDrive app to start participating. You’ll receive a 5% (2% in UT) introductory discount just for signing up. Depending on your driving behavior, you can earn up to a 20% program discount** on your car insurance. KnowYourDrive puts you in control by helping you save extra money while becoming a safer driver.

    The KnowYourDrive program discount is in addition to discounts you may already be receiving. By allowing us more insight into your driving behavior, we can provide even more value for your commitment to American Family.

  2. Simply put, distracted driving is doing anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving. Specifically, the KnowYourDrive® app considers handheld phone calls and active phone use when the vehicle is in motion (e.g., using GPS, minimizing screens, unlocking your phone, etc.) to be distracted driving.

    Passive phone use is not counted as distracted driving and includes:

    • Hands-free phone calls
    • Listening to podcasts and music (Note: Selecting podcasts or music on your phone would be counted as a distraction)
    • Picking up your phone when the screen is unlocked
    • Touching the screen; swiping and typing
    • Making a call while holding your phone
    • A passenger using your phone (the app can’t tell who’s using the phone)
    • Listening to music or podcasts
    • Using a navigation app without touching the screen
    • Stopping your car, then taking a call while holding your phone
    • Sending a text/call using voice commands
    • Using your vehicle’s touchscreen
    • Charging your phone or having an audio cable plugged in
  3. Your insurance premium will not increase due to your participation in KnowYourDrive Smartphone program. The discount percentage can fluctuate over time depending on your driving behavior and will be adjusted at renewal. Additionally, it's good to remember that there are multiple factors that impact your premium, causing it to go up or down. Discounts like this one can only help.

  4. Most smartphones with an iOS (Apple) or Android operation system should work. If the phone is too old to be updated to the most current version of the operating system it will be at risk of being incompatible with the KnowYourDrive app. The phone must have proper sensors, which may include a gyroscope and accelerometer. On average, the app uses 60-70 megabytes of data per month, though this varies depending on the actual driving time.

  5. Like all apps that use your location, KnowYourDrive uses a small amount of battery when you're not driving, and slightly more while you're taking a trip. Most people won't notice a significant battery difference after installing KnowYourDrive, but if you have a particularly long commute or an older phone, you may want to plug-in while driving.

  6. Just by participating in the program you will get a 5% (2% for UT) introductory discount on your auto policy until a program discount has been calculated and applied after evaluation.

  7. You’ll need to download the KnowYourDrive app, follow the instructions provided in the app and start driving within 28 days of signing up for the program. If you don't do that, you will be removed from the program and you'll potentially impact your discount — and we wouldn't want that to happen! Next, during the evaluation period, you'll need to drive a minimum of 10 hours and 90 days since first enrollment. Your app will update you on your projected discount, and will let you know when your program discount will kick in.

  8. Either the introductory discount or program discount will remain as long as you follow the terms and conditions of the program. Just keep the app on your phone and interact with it on a regular basis. The program requires ongoing participation by at least one driver on the policy to maintain the discount.*

  9. Your program discount of up to 20% will be calculated 40 days before your upcoming renewal, and will be applied when your policy renews, as long as you've met the program requirements. (In Wisconsin, it will be calculated 65 days prior to renewal.) You'll receive updates via your app and via email, too.

  10. The evaluation period for the program discount is based on the last 12 months of driving. So, you'll need to continue driving with the KnowYourDrive app installed and activated on your phone to remain enrolled in the program and keep your discount. That way, KnowYourDrive can continually help you improve your driving habits so you can keep working on boosting your program discount in the future!

  11. KnowYourDrive uses cutting edge technology that analyzes a bunch of aspects of your driving and behavior to identify whether you’re a driver in a car, a passenger in a car, or traveling via some other mode of transit.

    On occasion, the app may misclassify a trip or the customer may feel a trip shouldn’t count against their discount. When this happens, just tap on the trip within 5 days and tap the button that states "Edit or Remove this Trip”. Select the option that best represents the trip information to finalize your correction. This information also helps the app better classify future trips.

  12. Listed below are the key driving variables we use to calculate your program discount. Research has shown that these driving behaviors may increase the chance of having an accident. By adjusting your driving habits based on the feedback you receive from the app, you may improve your safe driving behavior and boost your program discount. KnowYourDrive gives you an advantage by helping you learn safer driving habits while empowering you to save on your car insurance.

    • Hours driven – Measures how much the vehicle is driven.
    • Sudden braking – Measures those times when the vehicle stops or slows down very abruptly.
    • Evening driving – Measures the total driving time that occurs between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 a.m.
    • Late night driving – Measures the total driving time that occurs between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.
    • High speed – Measures when a person is driving 10 mph or more above the posted speed limit.
    • Distraction – Measures when a person is actively using their phone (using GPS, minimizing screens, texting, etc.) or making a handheld call.
    • Average speed – Measures the average speed over the course of trips taken.
    • Short trips (less than 5 minutes): Measures the number of short trips taken.
  13. There are many possible reasons that a trip may not show correctly on the app, like reaching your phone’s maximum storage capacity, weak GPS signals, lack of sufficient amount of battery or something else.

  14. The KnowYourDrive discount applies only to variable components of your car insurance coverage (in other words, not the fixed fees that are part of a policy), which are typical for most auto policies: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive, medical expense and personal injury protection. Also, there are always other factors that can affect your premium, causing it to go up or down. But discounts like this one always help!

  15. The KnowYourDrive discount is a policy level discount that will apply based on an average of your entire household’s driving behaviors. The discount is not applied on a per vehicle basis.

  16. If you do not download and use the KnowYourDrive app for 28 consecutive days, you will be removed from the program and you will potentially impact your discount.

  17. You should be able to tell if your phone is transmitting trip data because the app will display your recent trips. Simply open the KnowYourDrive app to verify that your trips are updating. If they aren't, make sure proper permissions are set up for location, motion, and Wi-Fi. Here's a closer look at how to make sure your phone is transmitting trip data.

  18. As long as you have the KnowYourDrive app installed on your smartphone, and are logged in, you will remain in the program.

  19. We're sorry that happened! You may be removed from KnowYourDrive if the app is not on your phone or if you are not logged on for more than 28 days. If you have been removed and would like to re-enroll, please contact your agent or log in to your My Account

  20. You can voluntarily opt out of the program by choosing the “Opt Out” option in My Account or by contacting your agent.

  21. The app cannot differentiate between trips for pleasure and trips for work. If you regularly drive something other than your personal vehicle for work and would prefer that those trips aren’t counted toward your score, that’s OK.

    When you drive a work vehicle, we recommend that you simply log out of the app during your shift. Note you will need to remember to log back in when you switch back to driving your personal vehicle!

    If you forget to log out, you also have the option to remove the trip. Simply select the trip from your list and tap the “Edit or Remove this Trip” option.

    If these options will not work for you, the KnowYourDrive program may not be the right fit. Please reach out to your agent to learn about savings opportunities that may be a better fit for your needs.

  22. Re-enrolling is easy. Just contact your American Family agent or log in to your My Account.

  23. If you already enrolled in KnowYourDrive, this most commonly occurs when your current policy term is not effective yet. If you are a new customer, you will need to wait until your new policy begins. If you are a current customer, you will need to wait until your renewal is effective to log into the app.

    If you have not enrolled in KnowYourDrive, please contact your local agent or enroll through your MyAccount.

For more help contact the KnowYourDrive Support Center at 1-800-692-6326 ext. 79510 or

Subject to state availability or approval.

+Eligibility and approval standards for the Travel Peace of Mind Package apply for each vehicle.

*Varies by state. Please contact your agent for more information.

**Discounts will vary based on driving behavior. The KnowYourDrive discount applies only to these coverages, which are typical for most auto policies: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision and comprehensive, medical expense, underinsured and uninsured and personal injury protection. Additionally, the discount does not apply to fixed fees that are part of your policy.