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Landlord, Apartment & Condo Associations

What Is Landlord Insurance?

Whether your rental property or condo association is made up of one building or many, you deserve real support and protection that is tailored to your needs. That’s where we come in.

You can count on American Family to not only provide you with quality insurance, but insight and advice that you can trust. We understand your insurance needs, responsibilities and challenges. With our experience, we’ll provide expert guidance to help build you a policy that protects what you work hard for every day.

Support for Your Business

For business leaders, knowledge is power. Explore our helpful collection of business articles for tips, strategies and insights!

Loss Control

We're here to help you protect your employees, assets and keep your business goals on track. An effective loss control program seeks to reduce potential losses that could occur.

You’ll Find Confidence with Complete Coverage*

Rental properties, apartments and associations come in all shapes and sizes. Let us help you build an insurance and risk management program that meets your needs and gives you the protection your business needs.

Building coverage

If your buildings are damaged, our property coverage works hard to help you repair or rebuild quickly. We also help cover the loss of rent payments you might face while the repairs are being completed.**

Auxiliary structure coverage

If you have additional buildings and structures that service your property - such as vehicle garages, storage buildings, fences, swimming pools, and club houses - we've got a policy specifically for you. Our agents can custom-build coverage to match the contours of all your rental property needs.

General liability protection

Accidents happen! Make sure you're protected from bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury expenses that arise from the operations of your rental properties, apartments or association.

Medical expense coverage

Regardless if you're liable or not, this coverage helps cover the cost of immediate medical care for injuries that take place on your premises.

Commercial umbrella liability policy

This policy provides additional protection on top of your primary general liability coverage to give you extra security against legal and financial accidents.

Flood insurance

Safeguard your properties with a flood insurance policy offered through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Tools to Help You Protect Your Rental Properties

At American Family Insurance, our goal is to be with you every step of the way — protecting your rental properties, apartment complex or association. Check out our free resources designed to support you:

Landlord toolbox

Save time by learning about state tenant laws, background checks, managing your properties and reducing risk all in one place by visiting our Landlord Toolbox.

Our articles

From proactive planning tips to ideas for protecting your bottom line, our articles provide smart advice for safeguarding your rental properties and empowering your dreams.


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