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Loss & Risk control resource center

Loss & Risk Control Resource Center

American Family Insurance is committed to protecting businesses like yours, so you can continue to thrive and succeed. That’s why we’re supplying you these helpful (and valuable) resources, to help you take care of your business and the people that help it grow every day.

Loss Control Team

Our Loss Control team supports you and your business by taking a proactive approach to safety and loss control issues. They’re dedicated to working with you to build a safety program that increases the safety and security of your employees and assets, to help reduce the frequency of claims and ultimately lower insurance costs.

Our programs employ a variety of approaches and techniques, including:

  • Conducting safety and health training for employees
  • Research of technical topics
  • Assistance in Federal regulation compliance
  • Safety and health audits
  • Assistance in fleet safety loss control program development
  • Assistance in construction safety programs and job site inspection programs
  • Ergonomic review of operations
  • Assistance in safety and health program development
  • Discovering hazards and developing recommendations for improvement

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn more about working with a loss control specialist, or email with any inquiries.

Loss Control Articles, Guides, Checklists and Logs

We’ve stocked our resources with safety and risk management materials that span across various facets of a business — like the ones below. So, no matter what you’re trying to protect, you can learn how to better protect it right here.

Auto and fleet. Use these tips and tools to properly educate your employees about safe practices when it comes to your company’s vehicles. Go to auto and fleet articles

Employee safety. Ensure you’re taking the appropriate steps to reduce risks in the workplace by applying these best practices to keep your workers safety. Go to employee safety articles

Property and security. Take the right steps to protect your facilities with these resources — they’ll help you stay informed with ways to safeguard your property and maintain the highest degree of security. Go to property and security articles 

Other. Your business is more than a job — it’s your livelihood. Educate yourself and your employees on safe practices, so you can reduce risks and protect what matters most. Go to other articles 

Loss Control PureSafety Modules

Smart safety training for your staff is a key factor in keeping your business goals on track. Explore PureSafety on Demand — which provides convenient training content that’s available 24-7. To inquire about how to receive free training sessions from this program/resource, please contact