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RV Customization Coverage

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From installing solar panels on the roof to mounting uniquely-keyed storage bay locks and everything in between, you’ve worked hard to make your RV safe and distinctive — and your RV policy should reflect that individuality. That’s why American Family Insurance allows you to increase the amount of customization coverage that already comes with your RV policy.

By upping your RV customization coverage, you can better cover your investments and upgrades. Take a look at the benefits of increasing the customization coverage limit for your RV.

What Is RV Customization Coverage?

Our camper & motor home customization coverage is a key component of your RV insurance. It provides protection for after-market additions to your RV’s equipment, devices, accessories and enhancements that:

  • Change the appearance or performance of the vehicle from what was offered by the original manufacturer specifically for the vehicle
  • Are permanently installed in or designed to become part of the vehicle

Basically, after you’ve modified your RV from its factory-shipped condition, we can help to bolster your existing policy with increased coverage to insure those adjustments.* For example, this coverage can help protect new or custom installations attached to your camper or motor home, like the addition of a dishwasher, paint detailing or new satellite antenna mounted to the roof of your RV.

Why Is Additional Customization Coverage Important for Your RV?

Customizing your RV to make it uniquely yours — it’s half the fun of owning one! But you’ll want to make sure those updates are covered by your policy. Boosting your customization insurance limit for these special investments is necessary so you can restore your RV if the unexpected happens and you need to rebuild.

Suppose you’ve got an older RV, you may find things start to wear out after a while. When you choose to upgrade to higher-quality components or materials , you’ll want to make sure that your investment is protected. With the help of your agent, you can increase your customization coverage to fit the unique design of your RV so your specialty installations are insured carefully.

How RV Customization Insurance Coverage Works

You have two options for managing the limit of your RV customization coverage:

Your base RV policy comes with customization coverage

When you purchase your RV policy, $1,000 in coverage is included to cover existing customizations. If that’s enough to protect your modifications and adjustments, you can leave that figure alone.

Increase your customization coverage limit

When the upgrades you’ve made to your RV extend beyond your $1,000 base coverage limit, you can increase that amount — up to $50,000 — by purchasing additional coverage. Coverage can be increased in $1,000 increments.

If you’re making numerous additions to your camper or motor home, check in with your agent to learn more about increasing your coverage limit. With this added protection, your investments will be better protected, and you’ll have more peace of mind riding the open road.

What Types of RVs Qualify for Increased Customization Coverage?

We cover all kinds of RVs. From small conversion vans to mighty 45-foot motor homes and all sizes in between — your customization coverage figure can be fine-tuned to fit the shape of your RV. Here some types of RVs eligible for RV customization coverage increases:

Motor homes

Motorized RVs with the living quarters built on a modified truck chassis are covered. This includes customized school buses that have converted the interior into living quarters.

Mini-motor homes

These RVs are similar to motor homes except they are usually built on a van chassis.

Van conversions

Former vans that have been converted to RVs fall into this category. The conversion must include living, cooking and sleeping quarters.

Folding camping trailers

These are units that fold down for travel and are towed behind a vehicle.

Conventional travel trailers

These are units with rigid walls that are towed behind a vehicle.


These are units with rigid walls equipped with a hitch designed to mount over the rear axle of a pickup truck.

Mounted truck campers

These are units that fit over the bed of a pickup truck that are equipped with temporary sleeping or eating facilities.

Protect Your RV With Customization Coverage

With all the great ways you can improve and personalize your RV, increasing your customization coverage can help to protect your finances if the unexpected happens. Remember to contact your agent while you’re upgrading your rig and verify that you’ve got the coverage to match the details and enhancements you’ve made. You’ll be better protected when you’re out on the open road, and you’ll find real comfort knowing that everything you’ve worked so hard for is covered.

*These upgrades need to be permanently installed or designed to become part of the vehicle in order to qualify.