7 Top Tips for Furniture Shopping

Whether you’re moving in somewhere new or sprucing up your current digs, furniture shopping is an exciting process! But with all the styles, fabrics, colors and categories, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Here are some savvy tips to help keep you on task, on budget and on style while you shop — you’ll find the perfect pieces for your home in no time!

Measure your space. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying furniture that’s just too big for your space. So, before all else, measure the room you’re working with and write it down. Be mindful of doors and windows and have an idea of the layout — this will help you decide what styles of furniture work best.

Define your wants. Are you looking for a sectional, or a couch and loveseat set? Do you need a coffee table in addition to your seating? What’s your budget? It’s important to know ahead of time exactly what you’re looking for so you can narrow your options before you step onto the showroom floor. You’ll thank yourself later!

Consider your lifestyle. Some furniture holds up better than others, so if you’ve got an active, young family or dogs that you just can’t keep off the couch, you probably shouldn’t go with a light color pallet or sensitive leather fabric. Keep in mind what your new pieces will be used for and be smart while you shop.

Shop in person. As tempting as it might be to avoid the big furniture stores and shop online, this is one purchase you’ll want to seek out in person. It’s the only way to get a real idea of the size, style and quality of what you’re buying. So brave the stores and test it out!

Search for quality. This is a big purchase, one you’ll want to last for years to come. So it’s essential that you find pieces that are high-quality — even if they do cost a bit more. Look for sturdy seams, well-constructed legs, top-notch materials, and reasonable warranties. You’ll be glad you did your research.

Wait for sales. Most furniture goes on sale at one point or another, so make it a priority to get the best deal by waiting for the right time of year. A good time to look is in July — sales are normally down so stores are looking to get your business. Otherwise check out post-holiday sales to save some pennies. It’s worth waiting it out!

Opt for delivery. Transporting furniture isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even if you can fit it into your vehicle, it’s heavy, awkward and hard to maneuver. So spend a little extra to have the retailer deliver it right to your front door. They’ll get it set up just the way you want it without you having to break a sweat! Plus they’ll be responsible for any damages that happen along the way.

No matter what you’re looking for, furniture shopping can be a lengthy and stressful task. But use these tips to turn it into a fun and quick experience! After all, it’s exciting to find the perfect finishing touches for your home.

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