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8 Steps to an Organized Closet

Updated January 18, 2017 . AmFam Team

If you’re frustrated by cluttered closets, take these steps and work your way to a more organized, functional closet in no time!

When it comes to your closets, what’s the one word that crosses your mind? For most it’s this: cluttered. It’s true, organizing the closets hardly ever tops our to-do list. And actually getting a decent amount of storage space out of them? Forget it. They’re normally just a maze of trinkets or a mess of clothes. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Take these 8 steps and be on your way to a more organized, functional closet in no time.

Start fresh

Remove all of your clothes and belongings from the closet and set them aside. Then you’ll want to vacuum and dust your space so you can go into the organizing process with a clean slate.

Categorize and declutter

Start this process by separating things into piles and determining proper categories — i.e. summer clothes, winter shoes, accessories, bedding, etc. As you go through everything, be critical about what to keep and what to toss. If you don’t use or wear it, don’t keep it! Decluttering is key to keeping an organized closet long term.

Define the closet

It’s smart to assign each of your closets a specific purpose. This way you’ll have a clearer idea of where things are kept and you’ll be able to strategically organize all of your belongings. For example, maybe your bedroom closet is strictly for clothes and shoes, whereas your bathroom closet is designated for extra bedding, toiletries and accessories — whatever works for your unique lifestyle.

Color code

This tip is especially useful for clothing specific closets. Simply take 10 minutes to organize your clothes by color and/or pattern as you load them back in. It’ll make it easier to scope out the particular outfit you had in mind, plus it’s pretty to look at! Win-win.

Invest in hangers

Not all hangers are created equal. And, though it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s smart to spend a few more pennies. Higher quality hangers will keep your clothes from slipping off and falling into a pile on the floor of your closet.

Utilize the space

Every nook and cranny of your closet is fair game. We’re not saying to stuff you’re closet to the brim, but it is good to get clever about where you put things. For example, consider purchasing some over-the-door hooks to tap into that unused space, or place a two-tiered shoe rack underneath your hanging clothes to double your footwear storage.

Optimize organization

Specialty organizers are really helpful when it comes to getting the most out of your storage. Think about installing a second rod for double the hanging space, or turn to some wire grid cube units to divide your closet into clearly defined areas. It’ll make taking belongings out and putting them away so easy.

Keep up with it

Bottom line: you’ve got to keep your closet clean. Honor all the hard work you put into organizing it up front by adding it to your regular chore list. You’d be surprised at how just 5 to 10 minutes a week can really help keep your closets in tip-top shape!

Are you ready to tackle your closets? Just take our smart steps and work your way towards a more hassle-free, decluttered home (Opens in a new tab) — it’s worth it.

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