Building a Home? Don’t Forget to Think Insurance

Building a new home? Congratulations! It’s an exciting time for your family. Soon you’ll have a new roof over your head and a great place for making memories together.

But before you put the blueprints into action, it’s important to consider how insurance factors in. After all, you’ll definitely want to protect this dream in progress! Here’s a guide of what to keep in mind as you build your new home:

Think insurance first. For many, this is at the bottom of the to-do list, but it’s important you talk to your American Family Insurance agent before the building plans are set in stone. You’ll want to make sure the conditions, location and details of your new home don’t hurt its chances to be insured.

Don’t rely on your contractor’s coverage. Odds are your builder’s insurance covers their business, not you or your things. So talk to your agent and consider getting a basic homeowners policy right off the bat so you’re protected during the construction process — they’ll help get you the customized protection you deserve down the line.

Build smart, save money. At American Family, we reward smart habits. And equipping your home with certain safety devices could qualify you for a discount! Smoke/fire alarms, water detection systems, Ring™ Video Doorbell, burglar alarm, etc. — build smart today, save money later.

Keep a home inventory from the get go. You’re starting fresh — what better time to begin your home inventory? Our home inventory spreadsheet can help you keep a record of the things that matter most and help you bounce back quickly should the unthinkable ever happen.

Evaluate your needs, update your policy. The end of the building process is near! Now you know more about your new home and the unique protection you might need. Your American Family agent is happy to help you reevaluate your policy and get you the customized coverages you deserve.

Your home is where your dreams grow, so take these steps towards protecting what matters most early on and enjoy every step of the journey. Happy building!

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