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Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

Having a gas fireplace is a carefree way to have a fire at home, right? Well, that’s almost right. There are still some maintenance steps you should take to stay safe and cozy.

There is something to be said about the cozy comfort and convenience of a gas fireplace. Even though a gas fireplace is efficient and low-maintenance, it still requires your attention from time-to-time to keep it operating safely and smoothly. Here are some tips to maintain yours.

Annual safety inspection. A professional should check your gas fireplace each year. You can expect them to do an overall inspection and cleaning of the glass and framework. The log set will be checked to make sure it isn’t deteriorating. Then they’ll carefully inspect the interior gas ignition, looking at the valves and connections while testing for a correct level of heat output. They will evaluate gas pressure and main burner operation with adjustments if necessary. Importantly, they will check for any leaks and they may even give your home carbon monoxide detectors a once over.

You can help your inspector by turning off your gas fireplace at least 2 hours before the inspection to let it cool down. Also, turn off pilot light and gas supply so it’s ready to go.

Regular fireplace cleaning. Throughout the year, there are some routine cleaning steps you can take to keep everything in tip top condition. Debris hangs out in the vents, flue and chimney. Even though you don’t have ash, you can have deteriorating log and ceramic inserts that create dust. There are also nooks and crannies that collect dust, hair and fur. Routine cleanings when it starts to look dusty will keep everything nice and neat and working well.

Keep an eye on the glass. The glass serves a special function, it offers protection from carbon monoxide. Regular cleaning of the glass not only gives you a good view it increases performance. This is one of those times where giving it a once over when you do your housecleaning makes it easy to wipe away grime while neglected build-up can be a challenge. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use their recommended products. And never apply cleanser to hot glass, it can shatter.

Cinderella is not needed when you have a gas fireplace, but there is a bit of cleaning to do once in a while. Add in an annual inspection and your gas fireplace will look great and perform smoothly.

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