7 Tips for the Best Christmas Tree on the Block

Nothing says the holidays like a fresh-cut tree! Use this quick guide to help you find, and take care of, the best tree in town!

Shake it up. When on the lot, give the tree a gentle shake. Losing a few brown needles is common, but falling green needles means the tree is too dry.

Test its strength. Needles should be flexible, but snap when bent in half. If needles are turning brown and crumble easily, it’s best to keep searching.

Transport safely. Be sure your car can safely transport your tree back to your home. Bring rope or bungee cords to make sure the tree is tied down securely.

Make the cut. Once you get the tree home, cut a half-inch piece off of the bottom — it’ll help your tree drink the water it needs.

Beat the heat. Scout the best location in your home for your tree — that means staying away from any heating vents, fireplaces, or wood stoves.

Water frequently. Your tree needs a lot of water to keep it looking beautiful all season long — usually between one quart and one gallon each day.

Dispose promptly. Once your tree starts dropping needles, it’s time to remove it — especially since dry trees become more flammable as they age.

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