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How to Prepare for an Open House

Introduce your house to the market with an open house. Our open house tips can help you create a great impression and maybe even inspire a sale.

Hosting an open house can be the first step in your home selling journey. But how do you prepare for an open house and create the most inviting environment? Our handy tips can help you set the stage and move closer to selling your house.

Use a “coming soon” strategy. Start marketing your open house even before it happens. Create a buzz about the property to get potential buyers interested. Post it on social media, make sure your realtor is listing it wherever possible and have signs up the day of the showing. Add excitement by having the listing say that there will be no showings until the open house.

Use technology. More and more buyers are looking online to check out the market and to organize their open house visits. Make sure your home shows up online and presents in the best light possible.

Inform your realtor. Most people leave their home during the open house and let the realtor do the selling. But your realtor can’t sell the highlights if they don’t know what they are. Tell them what you’ve recently updated, what you love about your home and neighborhood, point out features and then let them be your advocate.

Clean with outside help. Hiring a cleaning service can help you ensure that those areas you routinely overlook get a thorough cleaning. But, if you don’t want to hire anyone, ask your most honest and direct friend to tell you what areas you’ve been skipping.

Get rid of what you can. While you may love every piece of furniture and knickknack you own, prospective buyers just don’t have that connection. What they respond most to is the idea of lots of open space to fill with their own treasures. Provide an environment they can envision themselves in. If you don’t have space for your extras, consider renting a storage unit. *Note — this tip also applies to closets. Keep them organized and uncluttered.

Remove paperwork, personal information, valuables and medications. Why take any chances? Remove all of your sentimental and sensitive items before the open house. If you’re not packing to move, consider boxing everything and locking the boxes in your trunk so no one has access.

Offer refreshments. Last but not least, add a homey feel by setting out some cookies and other refreshments. Guests love this extra touch!

Now that you know some simple steps to prepare for an open house, check out our tips for selling your home faster.

Be sure to, connect with your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) to let them know about any changes to your home insurance policy. Best of luck with your open house!

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