Landscaping for DIY Home Security

Curb appeal is typically a way to draw attention to your home, but it can also be used to turn burglar’s attention away. Something as simple as leaving toys out in the yard can make your home a target. But we’ve come up with some simple landscaping tricks to keep your home pretty and protected.

Lights on. Replace old bulbs and install new fixtures outside your house for added style and security. Solar walkway lights can illuminate any path in the most adorable of ways while making it easy to identify when someone is approaching. And, no burglar wants to be caught in the spotlight, so motion-sensitive lights are great for protecting the home without taking away from the aesthetic.

Growing pains. Flowers, shrubs and trees are beautiful additions to any yard, especially when they’re of the thorny variety. Defensive plants like rose bushes and firethorns, which leave a long-lasting burning sensation, can be a beautiful disaster for burglars trying to climb into windows, hide in shrubs or get away quickly. Thorns are great collectors of DNA, and the scratches they leave on the skin can be used as evidence. Burglars will think twice before getting into a fight with your foliage.

No hide no seek. The less places to hide in your yard, the less likely you are to be targeted. Keeping your shrubs and plants cut low makes it hard for people to take cover. Also, low and easy-to-see-through fencing, like picket or lattice, can be more beneficial than high, closed-off designs. Sure, it’s a little less private, but keeping clear sightlines to your windows and doors allows your neighbors and passersby to notice lurkers.

Blocked window of opportunity. Windows are easy access points, but with simple fixes, you can keep intruders out. Start by cutting tree limbs — this leaves nowhere to hide, and little chance of mapping out your floorplan. It also makes it harder to climb through second story windows. Lock away ladders and tools that can be used for forced entry, and reconsider climbable fencing and vines against the house. And as a DIY alarm system, replace mulch around the windows with gravel. Between the gravel alarm and the weaponized thorn bushes, burglars won’t stand a chance.

Who’s home. Letting your lawn go can make it look as if you haven’t been home in a while. Consider hiring a service to mow your lawn in warmer months and clear your sidewalks and driveway during the winter. This keeps up the illusion you’re home, even when you’re not. Another good thing to remember is to keep your yard clear of toys. Toys mean children live there, and where there are children it’s likely there are parents. And though it seems like a stretch, women give burglars reason to believe there’s jewelry. So remember, toys away, burglars won’t play.

Before you know it, your new landscaping will lead by example, and neighbors will be asking how they can protect their homes with a foliage fortress of their own.

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