Man spring cleaning the exterior of home.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Updated December 4, 2016 . AmFam Team

Tackle this outdoor spring cleaning checklist and watch the exterior of your home come back to life!

Wash the windows. You’ve been staring out at the cold, dreary winter for the last few months. Get your windows sparkling clean so you have a great view of the warm months ahead! Soon it’ll be warm enough to keep your windows open during the day — get the screens out and wiped off so you can enjoy the warm breezes to come. This is also a good time to check for signs that your windows need replacing.

Clean out the gutters. You may have done this in the fall to protect your home from ice dams, but it’s important to clean them out when spring rolls around too. Leaves and other debris could still accumulate in the winter, so give your gutters some more attention to make sure they’re working their best for the rain that’ll come in the spring and summer.

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