Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

The end of a long and sheltered winter can only mean one thing. It’s time for spring cleaning! Open up those windows, bring a little sunlight and fresh air into your home, and get started with these tidy touchups to give your home new life.

A clean start. Start by making sure the supplies you use for cleaning are actually clean. Vacuum your broom and soak it in soapy water, use white vinegar to clean your washing machine and dump the vacuum’s filter.
Tidy tip: Replace old dishcloths, sponges and scrub brushes with brand new ones.

Give your bathroom a bath. Make tile surfaces and grout sparkle with a deep scrub. Baking soda and vinegar should do the trick.
Tidy tip: Throw your rugs and shower curtain in the washer.

Cleanliness is next to coziness. Wash away what’s left of those winter colds by throwing your bedding into the washer or taking it to the dry cleaners.
Tidy tip: Wash, fold and store winter clothes in sealed bins or bags.

Freshen up the family room. Vacuum and spot clean your sofa. Also, shampoo the carpet or polish hard wood floors.
Tidy tip: When shampooing carpet, place furniture on squares of wax paper to protect the carpet (and furniture).

Kitchen clean up. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. Remove all built-up grease from the oven, stove and microwave to prevent fires and make your kitchen shine.
Tidy tip: Throw out expired food, and wipe down the refrigerator, freezer and small appliances.

From the windows to the walls. Clean all windows to brighten the room, and go around the house with a wet cloth to wipe down ceilings, ceiling fans, cabinets and walls.
Tidy tip: Dust blinds and throw window treatments in the washer to compliment those spotless windows.

Get rid of it. Go through closets, drawers, basements and garages, and organize things into piles of Keep, Donate and Throw Away. You’ll be clutter-free in no time.
Tidy tip: Consider a garage sale to get rid of things you no longer use and make some extra cash.

When you’re finished, the transformation will be like night and day. Your home will be clean, cozy and consistently complimented by guests. Spring won’t know what hit it.

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