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How To Prevent Spring Flooding

Updated January 1, 2020 . AmFam Team

April showers bring May flowers and sometimes - unwanted surprises, like roof leaks or water in your basement. Read on for smart steps to help prevent water damage in spring.

April showers bring May flowers. But sometimes heavy downpours can bring unwanted surprises, like roof leaks or water in your basement. Not to worry. These smart steps can help prevent water damage in the spring.

How to Prevent Springtime Water Damage

Keep your home protected when the spring rain hits by going over your home's interior and exterior.

Groom your gutters. Go with the flow! Keep gutters clean and damage-free, and direct water away from your house with downspout extensions.

Keep ‘em covered. Plastic covers are a great way to keep rain out of window wells — and your basement during spring showers.

Give your roof TLC. Replace missing shingles, repair damage and keep flashing sealed. It’s worth the effort.

Be a savvy landscaper. Slope the ground away from your foundation, and plant shrubs at least three feet from your home.

Focus on the foundation. When you fill cracks and holes in your home’s foundation, you can keep the water out.

Keep your sump pump functional. Sump pumps avert water mishaps only if they’re working properly. Be smart this spring — check your pump regularly.

Check new tech. Smart home water and moisture sensors alert you when things are amiss. They could also help you qualify for a discount from American Family.* Double win!

*Talk to your agent for details about eligibility.

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