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Fallen Trees & Homeowners

A tree fell on your house or your neighbor's — now what? Learn more about homeowners insurance coverage for tree damage and removal from American Family.

Roots usually keep trees firmly in the ground and standing upright. But sometimes — such as when high winds, lightning strikes or if a tree isn’t properly taken care of — those roots aren’t strong enough to hold the tree, which means it could potentially topple over and cause damage to your home. Depending on what caused the tree to fall, your homeowners insurance policy can help cover the disaster.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Damage?

If a tree falls on your home, your first step is to get you and your family to safety. Calling your insurance company should also be on the top of your to-do list. They’ll determine if your home insurance will help cover the damage.

Usually, your homeowners insurance policy covers damage if a tree on your or someone else's property falls on your home.

Is Tree Damage From A Neighbor Covered By Insurance?

During storms, trees and tree branches can cause significant damage to your home. If your neighbor’s tree fell on your house, you might be left wondering who’s responsible to pay the damages. It may not seem fair, but if your neighbor’s tree falls onto your property after a wind storm (or other covered peril) and causes damage, it’s your responsibility to file a claim with your insurance company.

And, if your neighbor’s rotting tree fell on your property, you’ll still be the one to file a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will investigate, and if they believe the neighbor was negligent and legally liable for the tree falling, the neighbor and their insurance company may have to pay for the damages, rather than you and your insurance company.

If the situation is reversed and a tree on your property damages your neighbor’s property, it works the same way: Your neighbor may want to consider filing a claim with their insurance company. If their insurance company finds that the tree fell because you didn’t maintain it, you and your insurance company may be responsible for the covering those dmages.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

If a tree fell because of something like lightning, fire or damage from a vehicle, we’ll pay a limited amount to have the trees removed.

Protect Your Home from Tree Damage

Maintaining the health of the trees on your property is a good homeownership practice and helps to prevent damage that can happen during storms. By performing regular maintenance on your trees, you can lower the risk of a tree falling on your property. And, if you notice a tree on your property is starting to rot, get the tree removed right away to prevent costly damages down the road. Contact a local arborist or tree expert if you’re unsure about your trees. They can provide helpful advice and tree trimming services to ensure that your trees are not a hazard to your property.

Get proactive about your protection by having the right homeowners coverage in place — so if a tree does fall on your home, we can help you take care of the mess. Connect with an American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) to get protection today.

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