Wet Basement? Start Here.

It’s OK to wish for showers to help grow your flowers in spring – as long as  you’re confident the next downpour will stay out of your basement!

Here’s a few tried-and-true ways to keep rain on the lawn and away from your home.  

Give your gutters some TLC. Keep them clean and damage-free. Use downspout extensions to direct water away from your foundation.

Cover window wells. Use plastic covers to keep rain from filling your window wells and seeping into your basement.

Check the roof and flashing. Replace missing shingles, repair damage and keep flashing sealed.

Secure your foundation. Fill cracks and holes to prevent water from seeping into your basement.

Landscape strategically. Using dirt, slope your lawn away from your foundation and keep plants at least three feet away from your home.

Keep your sump pump going strong. Check on it regularly – it’s a good friend to have working in your favor when the rain starts pouring! You also might consider installing a battery backup so your home is protected if the power goes out in a storm. Smart!


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