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Why Your Student Needs Renters Insurance

If you’ve got a child headed to college, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is getting them renters insurance — after all, how much could they really have to protect?

More than you might think, actually.

From clothes to computers, furniture and personal electronics, it doesn’t take long for the value of their belongings to add up. And, if they choose off-campus housing, they may no longer be protected under your policy.

So, before you dismiss the value of a renters policy, consider the following ways renters insurance can help protect your child’s growing dreams as they start their lives away from home:

They’d have personal property coverage. Should their valuables be damaged or stolen, this protection will help them replace their things and get back on track in no time. It’s peace of mind they deserve.

They’d get liability protection. Your student will meet a lot of people in college. If they have friends over and someone gets injured, they’re protected from potential lawsuits or claims.

They’d get help with additional living expenses. If the unthinkable were to happen and their rental becomes unlivable, renters insurance can help pay for temporary housing and meals.

Their things are covered — wherever they go. From road trips home to beachside spring break destinations, their belongings will be protected wherever they go.

Before your child goes away to college, sit down with your American Family agent and discuss their options. Renters insurance is an extremely affordable way to make sure your child’s dreams are protected, no matter how far away from home they go.

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