6 Signs the RV Lifestyle is for You

Whether it’s a road trip with the kids, or your plan for retirement, traveling by RV is an exciting way to see new sights and spend quality time with loved ones. Gone are the days of sleeping on the ground and braving bad weather, wild animals, and finicky tents; instead, you get to experience all that Mother Nature has to offer within relative luxury. So what are signs you’re ready to embark on the RV lifestyle? Read on.

You love the outdoors. This one’s a given. If you crave more than a fenced-in lawn somewhere in suburbia, an RV offers you a chance to upgrade your backyard to breath-taking landscapes — and switch that view up on the regular.

You live small. Even the most expensive RVs have limited space. If you’re comfortable without that walk-in closet or grandma’s collection of antique plates, you’re well-suited to RV living.

You can handle the unexpected. Like all travel adventures, things can go wrong — frequently. Flat tires, a broken generator, squabbles over the GPS, the list goes on and on. If you can face the headaches with a can-do attitude, you’re prepared to handle the bumps in the road that accompany RV life.

You want to save money. While the outright costs of buying an RV typically costs a pretty penny, the money saved on traveling can save you a ton. Instead of buying expensive plane tickets for a vacation to the mountains, you can simply pack of the family and drive there. You’ll also save on things like hotels, restaurants and rental cars because your RV is well-equipped to accommodate the entire family throughout the trip.

You’re comfortable in close quarters. Living in an RV — even temporarily — means less space to claim as your own personal bubble. Depending on the size of your RV, that might mean sharing a room with the same people day and day out.

You live for the adventure. If you’re always itching to discover new places and people, traveling by RV sounds like the optimal way to get there. Does this sounds like you? Then what are you waiting for? Your RV lifestyle is waiting for you!

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