DIY Snowmobile Maintenance

Taking care of your sled is one of the smartest things you can do! Besides keeping you safe on the trails, it’s a surefire way to lengthen your snowmobile’s life. Our DIY checklist can help you get started – but it’s not a bad idea to befriend a local mechanic, too. They’re a good buddy to have to make sure your sled is always safe and ready to ride.

Fix and fasten. If you spot any cracked or deteriorated hood latches, windshield fasteners or areas of your snowmobile – get them fixed right away.

Tighten up. Check that your snowmobile’s drive axle and sprocket assembly are secure, and replace worn slides or rusted/failed shocks. 

Check the track. Look for tears, missing lugs or track clips. If the track is torn, have it replaced right away. 

Smooth sailing. Take a look at your skis and runners to make sure they're straight. If you have steel skis, check for holes.  If you have plastic, check that they aren’t cut or gouged.

Backup belts. Replace worn or damaged drive belts, and pack a spare whenever you ride. Smart!

Cool down. If your snowmobile has a fan or water pump belt as part of its cooling system, make sure the tension is correct. 

Dig into the details. Check your throttle, brake, hydraulic and oil cables for wear or damage and make sure they’re fastened securely. Check exhaust springs and mounts to make sure they are all present and tight. 

Top it off. Check injection oil, coolant, brake fluid (if you have hydraulic brakes) and chain case oil levels and fill to specs in your owner’s manual. Lubricate all fittings.

Clean slate. Drain old fuel before adding fresh gasoline. Gas left in your snowmobile over the summer can make your sled run poorly.

Clean the carburetor. This can be done with a can of carburetor cleaner, some basic tools and instructions from your owner’s manual.

It’s an empowering feeling knowing your sled is ready for anything. Now – time to hit some trails!

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