Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention: Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is more than an industry best practice; it helps reduce the chances of slips, trips or falls. This handout is designed to address housekeeping practices that form a comprehensive slip, trip and fall risk control program – so you avoid unexpected accidents and keep yourself and your employees safe.

The majority of slips result from foreign matter on flooring materials. Posting signs (e.g., "Wet - Slippery Floor"), reporting unusual conditions and knowing what to do when there is a spill are essential housekeeping tasks for an effective risk control program. Good housekeeping reduces the chance of a slip or fall at a facility. Before allocating funds to replace flooring or purchasing materials to reduce slips, trips or falls, it is prudent to review housekeeping operations. Overlooking the details of reading labels or not having spill control kits available can increase chances of slip and fall injuries.

The following checklist can be used to assess housekeeping best practices. A “No” answer indicates further investigation is warranted.

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