6 Little Ways to Save big Money

When it comes to pursuing a dream, finances are often one of our biggest hurdles. And while there’s ways to bring in more cash, there’s even more ways to save a little extra. Get to work fattening your wallet with these simple strategies that require little change in your lifestyle, but reap big rewards:

Embrace the kitchen. If you frequently hit up the local café for your daily latte, that amount really adds up. Same goes for lunch! Instead of shelling out cash for a subpar burger and side salad, whip up your own recipe and munch on that all week. Plus, it’s typically healthier!

Cut the cord. With the multitude of streaming services out there, cable is quickly becoming obsolete. If you find yourself only watching a handful of channels or shows, why pay the full price for cable? Instead, choose a cheaper cable package that allows you to pick the channels you like, or just get rid of it all together and stream your favorite shows through a cheaper service.

Make it automatic. Unnecessary fees like interest, overdraft charges, and late fees are largely unnecessary — and expensive. Set up automatic bill payments and overdraft protection, so you never have to incur that pesky late fee. And while you’re at it — pay down that credit card debt!

Refuse fees. Let’s be real — ATM fees are the worst. Go the extra mile to find an ATM that doesn’t have a fee, or find one that is associated with your bank. If you can’t find a nearby free ATM, opt for cash back at stores, when you have the option.

Sell first. Before tossing that old dresser to the curb or donating that bag of last season’s clothes, check to see if they might fetch a pretty penny to the right buyer. List old furniture, electronics and collectibles on sites like eBay or Craigslist, and take old clothes to a consignment store.

Use coupons. While you don’t have to go to ‘Extreme Couponing’ levels — checking to see if there are coupons or coupon codes available before you buy is always a smart move. Bonus tip: set up an email account designed just for coupons and use it to sign up for companies’ email lists. That way, you can do a quick search for the store coupon you’d like, when you’re about to make a purchase.

By incorporating even a few of these tips into your savings strategy, you can grow your funds and empower the path to your dreams. Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way — you deserve it!

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